Details where known of the children of James Mathieson and Rachel Grieve

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James Mathieson was born on 8 May 1885 in Wilton, Hawick

James died on 23 May 1885 in Wilton, Hawick

Elizabeth Young Rutherford Mathieson was born on 11 May 1886 in Wilton, Hawick

Elizabeth married Herbert Dart son of Daniel Madge Dart and Maria Dyer on 10 Aug 1911 in Bristol. Herbert was born on 2 Jul 1877 in Weston-super-Mare. Next Generation in our Family History. See main Text.

Janet Mathieson was born on 13 Jul 1888 in Wilton, Hawick.

Janet married James Harvey Robertson, an engine fitter, son of John Harvey Robertson and Elizabeth Strang on 15 Jul 1914 in 15 Endrick Street, Springburn, Glasgow.  James was born in 1887 in Campsie, Stirlingshire. James and Janet had the following known children: 

Janet died aged 74 on 17 March 1963 at 657 Edgefauld Road, Glasgow. This address was the Foresthall Home and Hospital but her usual residence was given as 33 Crosshill Road, Bishopbriggs. The death certificate confirms her as the daughter of James Mathieson, Railway Guard (deceased) and Rachel Grieve (deceased) and records her as married to James Harvey Robertson, Engine Fitter - Retired. I believe James Harvey Robertson died 19 July 1971, in Bishopbriggs. James, Janet and their daughter Rachel were commemorated on a family headstone in Cadder Cemetry.

Tbe Robertson \ Mathieson Headstone
Cadder Cemetery.

Alexander Mathieson was born on 18 Aug 1890 in Wilton, Hawick.

Witness at his sister Elizabeth's wedding to Herbert Dart on 11th August 1911, at Fishponds, Bristol.

On the 28th November 1913 Alexander was engaged by the Glasgow office of the Burmah Oil Co as an engineer, and on the 4 December 1913, aged 23, he set sail for Rangoon, Burma om board the SS Tenasserim. His occupation was recorded as an engineer, and his country of Intended Future Permanent Residence was listed as Burma where he was going to work in the Syriam oilfields.

There is a record of his return on board the SS Henzada 24 May 1920 from Rangoon, Burma into Liverpool. He was listed as aged 29, a draughtsman and his address in the UK given as c\o Wright, 152 Gourlay Street, Springburn, Glasgow. This was the address of his married sister Barbara and her husband Thomas Charles Wright.

Early the following year Alexander was once again bound for Rangoon, this time on board the SS Bhamo which sailed from Liverpool on 20 January 1921. He was recorded as aged 30, a draughtsman, and his country of Intended Future Permanent Residence was listed as Burma.

15 Oct 1921 in Rangoon, Bengal, India, Alexander married a Bessie Haggart.  Bessie Mckenzie Haggart was the daughter of Matthew Haggart, an engine fitter, and Margaret Wylie Halbert of Glasgow. There is a record of Bessie sailing from Liverpool for Rangoon on the 9 September 1921 on board the SS Martaban. She was described as Haggart, Miss E. McK a 31 year old spinster, with her Last Address in the UK given as 7 Gordon Street, Glasgow and Her Country of Intended Future Permanent Residence listed as Burma. I suspect that she and Alexander were already an "item" and she was on her way to join him, in order that they may marry and set up home. On 22 Jul 1922 in Syriam, Rangoon, India, Alexander and Bessie had their one and only son James.

Alexander was promoted to a chief draughtsman on the 1st October 1922 (quote from the entry says 'he is our most able engineer'). 

There are further records of the couples coming and going between the UK and Burma over the next 18 years, although it rather looks if their son James, once he was of a school age, remained in Scotland  possibly staying with Aunts and Uncles. This is based on their being two records of him travelling with his parents in 1924 and 1926, but thereafter the records are for his parents only.

According to records held in the BP\Burmah Oil archives Alexander chose to retire from the company in April 1940. His address on his retirement was on 1st April 1940 was 4 Observatory Road, Glasgow.

James Mathieson, Alexander and Bessie's son, went to Queens College Oxford, but like so many young men of the time his time at university was interupted by Mr. A. Hitler. It is believed James saw service as an officer during the war and on the cessation of hostilities returned to Oxford. James worked on magazines/newspapers in Glasgow/Edinburgh then latterly for the Times and the Daily Telegraph on where he wrote about business. He was very interested in and wrote about the First World War. James married Rosemarie Boyce, daughter of Ronald L Boyce and Pauline A M Diener in Apr 1965 in London, Kensington, but sadly James died suddenly on 2 November 1968, in London. An announcement of his demise was carried in the Glasgow Herald 4 days later. It is known that James was married prior to his marriage to Rosemarie and that this earlier marriage was disolved. (Any additional information on James would be welcome. Please get in touch via the Contact Form.)

James Mathieson
Glasgow Herald 6 November 1968

The photograph below is of Alexander, Bessie, and Alexander's sister Barbara Wright. I am reasonably certain the location is Ayr and I wonder if Barbara had come to visit around the time of the death of her nephew James?

Elizabeth Mathieson nee Haggart (L)
Barbara Wright nee Mathieson (Middle)
Alexander Mathieson (Right)

Alexander died on 31 March 1972 at 16 Craigie Road, Ayr. The death certificate confirms him as the son of James Mathieson, Railway Guard (deceased) and Rachel Grieve (deceased) and records him as an Oil Engineer, married to Bessie Haggart. Bessie Haggart died on 9 October 1974 in Ailsa Hospital which was given as her usual address. The death certificate confirms her as the daughter of Matthew Haggart, an engineer (deceased), and Margaret Wylie Halbert (deceased) and records her as the widow of Alexander Mathieson, Oil Company Executive. (For further details of Bessie, her family and ancestry - click here). Announcements of both deaths were carried in the Glasgow Herald

Alexander Mathieson
Glasgow Herald 1 April 1972

Bessie Mathieson, nee Haggart
Glasgow Herald 11 October 1974

Barbara Grieve Mathieson was born on 28 Mar 1894 in Glasgow.

Barbara Grieve Mathieson married Thomas Charles Wright, an Engine Fitter, on 17 December 1915 at 1 Mosesfield Terrace, Glasgow. Thomas was born in 1891 in Dennistoun, Glasgow, the son of Thomas Wright, an Ironturner, and Elizabeth Thom. Barbara and Thomas had what I believe was their one and only child, a daughter, Rachel Grieve Mathieson Wright in 1916 in Springburn. 

Thomas seems to have gone to America ariiving in New York from Liverpool on 24 July 1920 on the SS Aquitania presumably looking for work. It would seem that he was able to find work and settle, as Barbara and the four year old Rachel followed the following year arriving in New York from Glasgow on 20 March 1921 on the SS Columbia. Barbara and her daughter seem to have returned to Scotland sometime in the next couple of years as there is a further record of their arrival back into into the USA via New York on on the George Washington 31 August 1924 from Southampton. Her last place of Residence was given as Cleveland, Ohio, which is where the family had settled.

For the 1930 census Barbara, Thomas and their daughter Rachel, were recorded living in Jenne Avenue, Cuyhoga, Ohio, with Thomas recorded as an Engineer in a Machine & Tool company. For the 1940 census Barbara, Thomas and their daughter Rachel, were recorded living in Sylvania Road, Cuyhoga, Ohio, with Thomas recorded as an Engineer but now with a Telephone Company. Their daughter Rachel now 23 was recorded as a registered nurse in a private hospital.

Thomas Charles Wright died the year following the census on 26 December 1941 in Cuyhoga, Ohio.

Latterly Rachel married Philip Seglin and they set up a florist business in Cleveland.

Barbara Grieve Wright nee Mathieson died in Sep 1989 in Cuyhoga, Ohio.