Details of James Mathieson III 1842 - 1911

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James Mathieson III married Elizabeth Cavers on 20th January 1865, at Sinton Parkhead, in the parish of Ashkirk. He was resident at Hermiston, in the parish of Lilliesleaf at the time, where he was working as a ploughman. The marriage certificate identifies Elizabeth as being the daughter of William Cavers, "pauper - formerly shepherd" and Mary Hunter. James and Elizabeth seem to have had the following children : -

For the 1871 census James III was living in St. Boswells working as an "Agricultural Labourer". Davina, born 7th January 1868, is not recorded in this census as she had died in the same year as her birth.

1871 Census (3rd April) St. Boswells (804) Book 2. Page 7.

Charlesfield Cottages, St. Boswells.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
James Mathieson Head 30 Agricultural Labourer Dumfries
Elizabeth Mathieson Wife 31   Eskdalemuir, Dumfries-shire
Mary Mathieson Daughter 5   Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire
Elizabeth Mathieson Daughter 2   St. Boswells, Roxburghshire

By the census of 1881 James III is still living in St. Boswells, but his occupation has moved up in the world being now a "Shepherd and Steward"

1881 Census (4th April) St. Boswells (804) Book 3. Page 5.

Camieston Cottages, St. Boswells.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
James Mathieson Head 40 Shepherd & Steward Dumfries, Dumfries-shire
Elizabeth Mathieson Wife 42   Eskdalemuir, Dumfries-shire
Mary Mathieson Daughter 15 Agricultural Labourer Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire
Elizabeth Mathieson Daughter 12 Scholar St. Boswells, Roxburghshire
William Mathieson Son 9 Scholar St. Boswells, Roxburghshire
Agnes Mathieson Daughter 7 Scholar St. Boswells, Roxburghshire

By the census of 1891 James III has now graduated to being a fully fledged "Farm Steward" at Merton Newstead Farm. Also in the household is his granddaughter by his daughter Mary, Euphemia Cavers Mathieson.

1891 Census ( April) Merton (751) Book 2. Page 7.

Merton Newstead Farm.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
James Mathieson Head 48 Farm Steward Moffat, Dumfries-shire
Elizabeth Mathieson Wife 50   Eskdalemuir, Dumfries-shire
Elizabeth Cavers Mathieson Daughter 21   St. Boswells, Roxburghshire
Euphemia Cavers Mathieson Granddaughter 7 Scholar Merton, Berwickshire

James III's wife Elizabeth Cavers died on 1st May 1894, at Merton Newstead, Merton, as a result of a head wound. Her death certificate confirms her parents names as William Cavers, a shepherd, and Mary Hunter. (See "Elizabeth Cavers Notes" at end.)

After the death of Elizabeth Cavers, James Mathieson III married for a third time. On 9th.August 1895 he married Jessie Murray, the widow of William Riddell, a farmer, and for the census of 1901 we find them living at Brothershiels Farm. As with the previous census his granddaughter by his daughter Mary, Euphemia Cavers Mathieson is also included the household. 

1901 Census (7th April) Fala and Soutra (686) Book 1 Page 8

Brothershiels Farm Cottage.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
James Mathieson Head 58 Farm Grieve Dumfries, Dumfries-shire
Jessie Riddel Wife 46   Ashkirk, Selkirk
Euphemia Cavers Mathieson Granddaughter 17 Domestic Servant Newstead, Berwickshire

James Mathieson III died on 13 August 1911, at Clinton Mains, Merton. His death certificate identified him as aged 70, a Farm Steward, and confirms his parents names as James Mathieson, a Soldier, and Agnes Scott. The informant was Agnes Goodfellow, of Tofts, Crailing.

Elizabeth Cavers - Notes

According to both her marriage certificate and her death certificate Elizabeth's parents were Willam Cavers and Mary Hunter. For the census of 1861 we find her living with her parents at Longtown Height, Ashkirk. Her father William is recorded as a "pauper", (as on Elizabeth's marriage certificate of 1865).

1861 Census (8th April) Ashkirk (781) Book 2. Page 5.

Longtown Height, Ashkirk.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
William Cavers Head 62 Pauper Kirton, Roxburghshire
Mary Cavers Wife 57   Mousewald, Dumfries-shire
Elizabeth Cavers Daughter 24   Eskdalemuir, Dumfries-shire
David Cavers Son 11   Ashkirk, Roxburghshire

A son David, born 8th July 1849 in Ashkirk, is recorded in this census, and the I.G.I. also records the baptism of a Euphemia to William and Mary on 26th December 1840, in Ashkirk parish. (This Euphemia could even be our Elizabeth!??)

William Cavers died on 12th August 1873 at Charlesfield, St Boswells, aged 74. He was christened 25th Nov 1798, son of Francis Cavers and Euphemia Hogg, Kirkton Roxburghshire. Francis Cavers and Elspeth or Euphan Hogg were married 9th June 1789 Ettrick, Selkirkshire, and would seem to have had at least two earlier sons, James, baptised 28th November 1789, and Thomas, baptised 7th June 1791, both baptisms recorded in Etterick, Selkirkshire. (I am told by Rod Smith, of Nottingham, that Francis was christened 16th Jan 1763, son of James Cavers, Roberton Selkirkshire.)

For the census of 1881 William's widow Mary was still alive and living with her son, the aforementioned David.

1881 Census (4th April) Melrose (776-B) Book 9. Page 31.

140 Haliburton Place, Melrose, Selkirk.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
David Cavers Head 31 Constable Ashkirk, Selkirk
Margret C. Cavers Wife 24   Melrose, Roxburgh
William Cavers Son 5   St Boswells, Roxburgh
James Cavers Son 3   Maxton, Roxburgh
Alexander Cavers Son 1   Stow, Edinburgh
Mary H. Cavers Mother 77   Rohel, Dumfries

Mary died eight months after this census, aged 77, on 16th December 1881 at 3 Stirling Place, Ladhope. She was certainly the daughter of David Hunter, a mason, and Elizabeth Chalmers, however her place of birth\baptism gives rise to some confusion. The 1861 census records Mousewald, Dumfriesshire as her place of birth but the 1881 census records Rohel (Ruthwell?), Dumfriesshire. The IGI has a record of her birth on 2nd December in Tinwald, Dumfriesshire, and also her baptism on 25th December 1803 at Torthorwald, Dumfriesshire. It is reasonable to say with confidence that she was born December 1803 in the district around.