Further Details of the children of Daniel Madge Dart and Maria Dyer.

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Further Details of the children of Daniel Madge Dart and Maria Dyer

Herbert Dart born on 2 Jul 1877 in Weston-super-Mare

Next generation in our Family Tree - My Grandfather

Ella Francis Dart born in 1879 in Weston-super-Mare.

For the 1901 census there is a record of an Ella Dart working as a Cook at 7 St. Pauls Road in Weston super Mare, in the household of Charles Hugh Hardingham, a Church of England Clergyman. It would seem almost certain this is "our" Ella.

1901 Census (1st April) Weston-super-Mare RG13/2325 Folio ?? Book ?? Page 18

7 St. Pauls Road, Weston-super-Mare.


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Charles H. Hardingham Head 69 Clergyman Ch of Eng London E.C.
Mary Wife 63   Preston, Lancashire
Alice E. Daughter 26   Goxhill, Lincolnshire
Mary J. Priddeau Servant 25 Housemaid Domestic Mamsbury, Devon
Ella Dart Servant 21 Cook Weston-s-Mare, Somerset

Sadly 23 months after this census Ella died on 23 February 1903 aged 23. At the time she was working as a domestic servant for a Frederick Bradford at 20 Bradley Gardens, West Ealing, Middlesex. It would seem that on that fateful Monday, having risen at six as was her wont and when it would still have been dark due to the time of year, she was looking under the bed for a slipper, when the candle, which she held in her hand, set light to her cotton nightdress. Although her employer managed to douse the flames by wrapping her in a bath towel sadly she died the same day from her burns. There is a report in the local paper of the inquiry surrounded Ella's demise. (This is definitely Ella, despite the paper calling her Ellen and her employer saying she was 20!)

Extract from "The Middlesex County Times and Ealing and Hanwell Post (Saturday 28th Febuary 1903?)


On Tuesday the coroner for West Middlesex (Dr. Gordon Hogg), sitting with a jury, of whom Mr. Henry Burgess was foreman, held an inquiry at the Municipal Buildings, into the circumstances attending the deaths of Jane Millicent Kemble, the wife of William Kemble, a grocer of 5 Castle Hill Parade, West Ealing and of Ellen Dart, a domestic servant, lately employed at 20 Bradley Gardens, West Ealing.

A Young Wife's Suicide

The first case investigated was that of Jane Millicent Kemble…………………….

Terrible Burning Fatality

In the case of Ellen Dart, Mr Fred Bradford, the girls employer said that the deceased, who was twenty years of age, was in the habit of rising about six o'clock every morning. Between six and half-past on Monday morning, he was aroused from his sleep by piercing screams, and on going to the door saw the deceased on the landing enveloped in flames from hand to foot. He ran to her aid and seizing the only thing handy - a bath towel - wrapped it around her, extinguishing the flames. In doing so he received somewhat severe burns about his hands. He sent for a doctor, who ordered her removal to the hospital, where she expired about two o'clock the same afternoon. Before she went he asked her how the incident occurred, and she said she was looking under the bed for a slipper, when the candle, which she held in her hand, set light to her cotton nightdress. P.C. Tooth having given evidence as to the removal to the hospital. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death".

Annie Dart born in 1882 in Weston-super-Mare.

For the 1901 census there is a record of an Annie Dart working as a "General Domestic Servant" at Coomb House in Weston super Mare, in the household of Fanshawe Bingham, a Church of England Priest. It would seem almost certain this is "our" Annie.

1901 Census (1st April) Weston-super-Mare RG13/2326 Folio 56A Book ?? Page 7

Coomb House, Weston-super-Mare.


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Fanshaw Bingham Head 59 Priest Church of England Old Trafford
Gertrude F Wife 60   Anal. East Indies
Kathleen G. F. Daughter 28   Muthill, Perthshire
Alice M. F. Daughter 27 Daily Governess Muthill, Perthshire
Herbert B. F. Son 25 Manager Insurance Co Shanklin, Isle of Wight
Mildred C. F. Daughter 24   Rugby, Warwickshire
Henry C. F. Son 19   Horfield, Gloucestershire
Annie Dart Servant 20 General Servant Domestic Weston-s-Mare, Somerset

A few months after this census Annie Dart married William John Maynard, a cabinet maker and boat builder, the son of Thomas Maynard, boat builder, deceased. Annie was identified as the daughter of Daniel Madge Dart, a tailor, deceased. William John Maynard was born on 12 Dec 1869 in Ewe & Lamb, Doldy, Worcester the son of Thomas Maynard and Merina Adelaide Ayling.  The marriage of Annie and William  took place on 24 August 1901 in the parish church of Christ Church, Weston super Mare. The witnesses were Katherine Maria Roberts and Arthur James Courtney. The bride gave her address as 33 Alma Street Weston super Mare (her widowed mother's address for the 1901 census) and William gave his address as 4 Highbury Terrace, Walcot, Bath., the home of his mother and his blind Uncle Edward. However for the 1901 census William was boarding at 7 Hopkin St., Weston Super Mare which is probably how and where he met up with Annie. William inherited 4 Highbury Terrace on 29 September 921, from his Unle Edward..

Ann and William had the following children:

  • Margaret Kathleen Maynard born 29 Jan 1902, Walcot, Bath. Margaret married Clifford Paradise. Margaret and Clifford had one known child, a daughter: Valerie Paradise.
  • Adelaide Frances Maynard born 1 Apr 1903, Walcot, Bath. Adelaide married Harold James Frederick Moody . Adelaide and Harold had the following known children: Ivor Keith Moody, Colin John Moody, David Moody, Paul Moody, Heather Joy Moody born 1929, Jean Margaret Moody born 1931
  • Edward Barrington (Barry) Maynard born 26 Aug 1905, Walcot, Bath. Edward married Ivy Paradise. Edward and Ivy had one known child, a daughter: Kath Maynard George. 
  • Thomas Johnson Maynard born 10 Jan 1908, Walcot, Bath. George, a headmaster, married Gwendoline Hill . Gwendoline was born on 13 Oct 1908.
  • Aileen Joyce Maynard born 1 Jun 1911, Walcot, Bath. Aileen married William Harvey. Aileen and William had the following known children: Terry Harvey, Sheila Harvey, Gillian Harvey, Roger Harvey. 
  • Hilda Emily Maud Maynard born 2 Dec 1913, Walcot, Bath. Hilda married Les Worrell. Hilda and Lee had the following known children: Robert Worrell, Gerald Worrell, Anne Worell.
  • Vera Grace Maynard born 24 Oct 1916, Walcot, Bath. Vera married Thomas Sutton on 22 Aug 1936. Thomas was born on 28 Nov 1915. Vera and Thomas had the following known children: Brian Sutton, Malcolm Sutton, Wendy Sutton, Brenda Sutton, Tony Sutton, Julie Sutton, Raymond Sutton, Pauline Sutton, Peter Sutton.
  • Stanley William Reginald Maynard born 10 May 1920, Walcot, Bath. Stanley married Elizabeth Dixon on 14 Jan 1943. Elizabeth was born on 23 Jan 1919. Stanley and Elizabeth had the following known children: Hazel Maynard, John A. Maynard.
  • Gwendoline Mary Maynard born 22 Nov 1921, Walcot, Bath. Gwendoline married Edward Albert Godsave, a Civil Servant, on 15 Jun 1942 in St.Saviours, Larkhall. Edward was born on 4 Jan 1921 in 118 Queenstown Rd., Battersea. He died on 1 Mar 1994 in 33 Bloomfield Drive, Bath. Edward and Gwendoline had the following children: Maureen Mary Godsave born 18 Jun 1943 in Bath, Jean Gwendoline Godsave born 22 Aug 1945 in Bath, Susan Margaret Godsave born 12 Aug 1947 in Bath, Michael Edward Godsave born 13 Mar 1954 in Ballynahinch, N.I..

William John Maynard died on 9 Jul 1951 in Bath, Somerset and Ann Maynard nee Dart died on 20 Aug 1959 in North Bath, Somerset.

Interestingly William John Maynard had an elder sister, Margaret Maynard, born 1860, who married George Croydon Marks between July and September 1881 in Watford (REF Vol 3a Page 631). George Croydon Marks was a British engineer, patent agent and Liberal (later Labour) politician. Born on 9 June 1858 in Eltham in Kent George was educated at a private day-school in Eltham and at the Royal Arsenal School. His father William Marks had worked at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich. He completed his education at King's College London. Marks worked for a number of engineering companies until establishing himself as a consulting engineer and patent agent in Birmingham in 1887. In 1889 he went into partnership with Dugald Clerk and they developed a number of cliff railways and steep-incline tramcar systems, examples at Bristol under Clifton suspension bridge and in North Wales. The company became big enough to move its headquarters to London in 1893, with branches in Birmingham and Manchester and an office in New York. In 1906, Marks was elected as MP for Launceston and North Cornwall in the Liberal landslide general election victory. He received a knighthood in 1911, served at the Ministry of Munitions during the First World War and was awarded the CBE for work as a commissioner for the dilution of labour. He held his Parliamentary seat until 1924. In 1929, he left the Liberals and joined Ramsay Macdonald's Labour Party. His almost immediate reward was a peerage, becoming one of the first two Labour peers to be created. He continued his engineering and business activities and died at his home in Poole, Dorset on 24 September 1938 at age 80. As he and Margaret had no children, his peerage did not survive him.

 So Annie, a domestic servant, sister of my grandfather, and the daughter of my great grandmother, Maria Dart. a charwoman on poor relief in 1891, ended up with a brother and sister in law who were a Lord and Lady!!

Emmily Dart born in 1886 in Weston-super-Mare.

Emmily was recorded working as a domestic servant and living with her mother at 33 Alma Street, Weston-super-Mare for the census of 1901.

1901 Census (1st April) Weston-super-Mare RG13/2325 Folio 80 Book 17 Page27

33 Alma Street, Weston-super-Mare.


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Maria Dart Head 56 Charwoman Wellington, Somerset
Emmily Daughter 14 General Servant Domestic Weston-s-Mare, Somerset

Ten years on Emmily, aged 24, Maria aged 66, is still living with her mother, Maria, and working as a domestic servant. They were recorded as living at 9 Sidmouth Cottages, Weston-super-Mare. 

1911 Census (2 April) Weston-super-Mare

9 Sidmouth Cottages, Weston-super-Mare.


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Maria Dart Head 66 Charwoman Wellington, Somerset
Emmily Dart Daughter 24 General Servant Domestic Weston-s-Mare, Somerset

Emmily never married. She lived with Sarah Dagley in Walliscote Road by the Odeon in Weston super Mare. She went to the Salvation Army a lot but didn’t have a uniform. She worked as a char. Her best friend in the Salvation Army was Gwen Barrington.

Emmily died on 15 November 1952, at Northgate Lodge, Bridgewater, Somerset, which I believe was a nursing home.