Parents of Anne Wotton - Isaac Wotton and Jane Haydon

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Parents of Anne Wotton - Isaac Wotton and Jane Haydon

The baptismal entry of Ann Wotton in the Poughill parish register records her as being the daughter of Isaac and Anne Wotton. There is an Isaac Wotton and Ann Wotton recorded in the 1841 census in Cheriton Fitzpaine who could be her parents , but as they are recorded in this as both aged at 70, (potentially 70 -> 74), they would have been aged in their late forties or early fifties for the birth of Ann. This would not be impossible. No record of the marriage of an Issac Wotton to an Ann in the later part of the 18th century or early part of the 19th century can be identified.

There is another possibility for Ann’s parentage. The baptisms of two further Wotton children are recorded in the Poughill parish register, both recorded with the same “abode” as Ann i.e.. North Yeo. These were John baptised on 30th September 1821, and Isaac baptised on 8th February 1824. In both these instances their parents are recorded as Isaac Wotton, a labourer, and Jane Haydon who were married on 26th February 1819 in St Sidwell, Exeter. I believe that “our” Ann was in fact their first daughter and her mother’s name was mis-recorded as Ann instead of Jane by the priest. 

On the balance of probability I believe that the second scenario for Ann’s parentage it is more likely. One other factor which unfortunately works both for and against is the fact that Ann’s son John was staying with a John Wotton for the 1861 census. This John Wotton is almost certainly the John Wotton born in 1821 to the aforementioned Isaac Wotton and Jane Haydon. If the second scenario is correct this would be Ann’s younger brother and explain her son John being in his household at a time when things seem to have been hard for his sister’s family. Unfortunately the fact that he was recorded as a “boarder” when he in theory should have been recorded as nephew would seem to work against my theory. However there are other cases where I have come across nieces and nephews in households where the relationship is not recorded and they are simply “boarders” or “visitors”, so I believe this is unimportant.

By the census of 7th June 1841 Isaac and Jane had moved a few miles north from Poughill to Cheriton Fitzpaine. They also had produced at least two further children Harriet, born circa 1827-31, and Thomas, born circa 1839. The census records the whole family as agricultural labourers which seems a little harsh on Thomas who was only aged two!!.(For further details of the known children of Isaac Wotton and Jane Haydon - See Appendix i)

1841 Census (7th. June) Cheriton Fitzpaine (209) Folio 5 Book 1 Page 8

Cheriton Fitzpaine Village.


Age Occupation Born in County
Isaac Wotton 50 Agricultural labourer Yes
Jane Wotton 45 Agricultural labourer Yes
Isaac Wotton 15 Agricultural labourer Yes
Harriet Wotton 10 Agricultural labourer Yes
Thomas Wotton 2 Agricultural labourer Yes

Their daughter Ann was working away from home at Higher Waterhouse farm, a few miles away from Cheriton Fitzpaine. Ann’s future husband Joseph Madge was living just "up the road" at North Coombe.

1841 Census (7th. June) Cheriton Fitzpaine (209) Folio 6 & 7 Book 1. Page 8 & 9

Higher Waterhouse, Cheriton Fitzpaine


Age Occupation Born in County
William Mildon 30 Farmer Yes
Elizabeth Mildon 35   Yes
Robert Mildon 10   Yes
Elizabeth Mildon 8   Yes
William Mildon 7   Yes
Henry Mildon 4   Yes
William Melhuish 15 Apprentice Yes
George Melhuish 10 Male Servant Yes
Ann Wotton 20 Female Servant Yes
Eliza Webber 13 Female Servant Yes

For the census of 31st March 1851 Isaac and Jane were still living in Cheriton but of their family only their second son Isaac was still living with them.

1851 Census (31st March) Cheriton Fitzpaine HO107/1887 Book 6a Page 15 (Folio 425?)

Cheriton Fitzpaine Village.


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Isaac Wotton Head 63 Agricultural labourer Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
Jane Wotton Wife 60   Knowstone, Devon
Isaac Wotton Son 27 Shoemaker Poughill, Devon

Jane Wotton, nee Haydon, died in the March of 1860 and was buried on the 18th of that month in Cheriton Fitzpaine. Going by her age and her place of birth given in the 1851 census Jane was probably the daughter of Edward Haydon and Jane Tout, and was baptised on 13th January 1793 in Rose Ash parish, Devon. Edward Haydon and Jane Tout were married on 1st October 1786 in Knowstone parish, Devon., and had a older daughter, Mary, born 20th April 1788 in Rose Ash parish, Devon.

Her father Edward Haydon was possibly the son of Robert and Mary Haydon, baptised on 25th March 1756 in East Anstey parish, Devon. Robert Haydon and Mary Coman were married on 21st August 1748 in West Anstey parish, Devon and had at least a further two children, Robert, baptised on 5th November 1752, and Ann, baptised on 12th September 1762, both baptisms being recorded in the East Anstey parish register.

Her mother Jane Tout was possibly the daughter of Thomas Tout and Mary Yelland baptised 12th April 1762 in Oakford, Devon. Thomas Tout and Mary Yelland were married on 13th July 1748 in Oakford, Devon, and had at least a further four children; Thomas baptised 10th April 1752, Anne baptised 8th August 1754, Phillip, baptised 24th April 1757, and John, baptised 7th July 1760, all the baptisms being recorded in Oakford, Devon.

A year after his wife’s death for the census of 3rd April 1861 we find the widowed Isaac living on his own in Cheriton Fitzpaine, a few doors up the street from his second son Isaac and his wife and young family

1861 Census (8th April) Cheriton Fitzpaine Book 3. Page 18. Folio 31.

Cheriton Fitzpaine Village.


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Isaac Wotton Head (Widow) 72 Agricultural lab,  (pauper) Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

Isaac Wotton died between January and March 1869. As of yet his parentage has not been discovered, although he would seem to have been born circa 1789 in or around Cheriton Fitzpaine.