Details of Netherhouses or Blackdubbs farm

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Details of Netherhouses farm

Netherhouses farm was originally called "Blackdubbs". It is listed as this in the census of 31st March 1851, but changed its name to "Netherhouses" for the census of 4th April 1861. The fact that it is the same place is confirmed by the fact that it is the same family, the Pryces, that are in residence for both censuses.

There is a reference to the past of Netherhouses Farm which confirms its relationship with Blackdubs in Chapter XV of the book "ARMADALE: PAST AND PRESENT FROM ITS FOUNDATION TO THE PRESENT DAY" by R. HYND-BROWN, printed 1906. Available on line at  The reference itself is to the death of James Davie, a covenanter, who was shot at Blackdub Farm in the year 1673. This reference also mentions Robert Law, son of Hugh Law, as the tenant.

The Rev. John H. Thomson, in his book, entitled "The Martyr Graves of Scotland," gives the following description of James Davie's martyrdom:-

"The tombstone . . . lies in the centre of Bathgate Old Churchyard, to the south of the church. It is a flat stone, seven feet in length, by three in breadth. The inscription is:-

Here lies the Body of JAMES DAVIE, who was shot at Blackdub, April, 1673, by HERON, for his adhering to the word of GOD and Scotland's Covenanted work of Reformation in opposition to POPERY, PRELACY, PERJURY, and TYRANNY. Repaired by a few men in this Parish.

"Davie formed one of a congregation that assembled to worship their God and Redeemer in a hollow on the farm of Blackdub, to the west of the parish, when they were dispersed by a party of dragoons. The congregation had got timely warning of their approach, and fled across a strip of deep moss, which stopped their pursuers. When they crossed, they stood still and looked over to their enemies, and fancied they were now in safety. The soldiers fired at them. The only shot which took effect was that which killed James Davie."

The farms of Blackdub and Westfield are now part of the farm of Netherhouses, to the west of Armadale Railway Station, and are at present tenanted by Robert Law, who was once good enough to show the writer the spot where Davie is supposed to have met his death at the hands of Heron's dragoons.

Netherhouses farm is still in existence, situated between Armadale and the modern M8.