Details of John Thorburn and Margaret Dewar and the ancestry of John Thorburn

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Details of John Thorburn and Margaret Dewar and the ancestry of John Thorburn

A fairly comprehensive list of the descendents of John Thorburn and Margaret Dewar has been provided by Allison Ross, nee Thorburn, of  Currie, Edinburgh, their g-g-g-g-granddaughter, and it is from her information that the details of John Thorburn's ancestors are also taken.

John Thorburn and Margaret Dewar were married on 14th February 1802 in Gorebridge and had at least another five children, Robert, baptised 29th July 1802, Temple parish, David, baptised 1st July 1804, Gorebridge, John, baptised 26th May 1807, Gorebridge, Euphemia, baptised 8th October 1809, Temple parish,  and Margaret, baptised 21st April 1816, Temple parish. For the 1841 census John and Margaret were recorded as living in Gorebridge: -

1841 Census (7th. June)  Temple (   )  Book 7. Page 5.

Gorebridge Village.

Name Age Occupation Born in County
John Thorburn 60 Cooper I.(ndependant) Yes
Marg. 59   No
Margaret 20   Yes
Isabella 7   Yes
Neil Stewart 20 Schoolmaster Yes
Charles 13   Yes

**In  1841 censuses  all ages  over 15  were rounded  down to  the nearest  5 -  e.g.. 50  could be   anything from  50 ->  54, and  no relationships were given.

The younger Margaret recorded in the household is presumably Margaret their daughter (actually aged 25).  The Isabella, aged 7, I would guess is a grand-daughter, and Neil and Charles Stewart I would imagine are lodgers.

For the 1851 census John Thorburn and Margaret Dewar were still living in Gorebridge : -

1851 Census (31st. March)  Temple (   )  Book 7 Page 13.

Gorebridge Village.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
John Thorburn Head 72 Cooper Borthwick, Edinburgh
Margaret Thorburn Wife 70   Leven, Fife
Robert Thorburn Son 48 Labourer Temple, Edinburgh
John Thorburn Lodger 22 Cooper St.Cuthberts, Edinburgh

The John Thorburn recorded in this census as "lodger", born about 1829, in  St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh is in fact the grandson of John Thorburn and Margaret Dewar, by way of  their son David, who had married Jean Jackson on 27th May 1825 in St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh.

For the 1861 census Margaret had passed on and John Thorburn was living on his own, although next door to his grandson John Thorburn, who had married Christine Allen on 4th Jul 1852 in Temple.  Their children in this census were born : - Jane - 28th August 1852, David - 5th September 1854, Helen - 2nd June 1856, and Christiana - 24th June 1860. A further daughter is recorded as born to John and Christene - Margaret born 28th June 1858.  As she is not listed in this census she may have died in infancy.

1861 Census (8th. April)  Temple (   )  Book ?. Page 11.

Gorebridge Village.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
John Thorburn Head (Widow) 82 Cooper (Journeyman) Borthwick, Edinburgh
John Thorburn Head 32 Cooper (Journeyman) Temple, Edinburgh
Christine Thorburn Wife 31 Leven, Fife
Jane Daughter 8 Scholar Temple, Edinburgh
David Son 6 Temple, Edinburgh
Helen Daughter 4 Temple, Edinburgh
Christine Ann Daughter 9 months Temple, Edinburgh

As to the to the date of her death of Margaret Dewar or to her parentage nothing is known at this time, other than according to the 1851 census she was born circa 1780 in Leven, Fife, and obviously died between 1851 and 1861. No record of her death has been found 1855 - 1861 so I suspect the death was between 1851 and 1855

John Thorburn her husband lived on a further two and a half years after this census dying on 27th November 1863, in Gorebridge

John Thorburn was born in Middleton, in the parish of Borthwick, and was baptised there on 27th July 1778 the eldest son of  Robert Thorburn, and Euphens Brown, who were married on 13th June 1777, in the parish of Borthwick.

Robert Thorburn, (John Thorburn 's father), who was a Cooper from Cockpen, bought a plot of land in Gorebridge, 120 feet by 60 feet on 24th May 1779. This land was bought from James Dewar of Vogrie (A relation of Margaret Dewar ??) on whose land the oldest part of Gorebridge was built. In 1819 his son John Thorburn bought an adjacent block.
On the death of Robert his son John inherited his father's property.  Two-storey shops and houses were built over a period of time and the last plot was re-sold in 1880. An inn was one of the first properties built.

There was a gunpowder mill (operated by Hitchener and Hunter at Stobsmill, near Gorebridge, between 1794 and 1865) and John Thorburn was a cooper in 1841 (aged 60). John Thorburn (72) and John Thorburn his son (22), were Coopers in 1851 and also in 1861 (aged 82 and 32). Seemingly Gunpowder Coopers were well paid (another gunpowder cooper also owned quite a bit of land in the village. However Robert Thorburn must have made his money before the gunpowder mill was in operation.

It is probable that our Robert Thorburn is one and the same as the Robert Thorburn  recorded in the Parish Register of Borthwick as baptised on 13th Oct 1748, son of  John Thorburn  and Ann Stewart. The baptism's of two further children of John Thorburn  and Ann Stewart are recorded in the Parish Register of Humbie, East Lothian : - Helen baptised 23rd November 1738, and Alexander baptised 16th December 1734.  John Thorburn and Anne Stewart were married 10th December 1732 in Stow, Midlothian.

It is possible that the John Thorburn, who married Anne Stewart, is one and the same as the John Thorburn  recorded in the Parish Register of Stow as baptised on 5th May 1706, son of  Alexander Thorburn  and Margaret Haliwell. The baptism's of four further children of Alexander Thorburn  and Margaret Haliwell are recorded in the Parish Register of Stow : -Jannett baptised 5th April 1702, Agnes baptised 24th October 1703, Margaret baptised 19th September 1708 and entry for Unknown baptised 19th September 1708, (a twin to Margaret stillborn??). Alexander Thorburn and Margaret Haliwell married in Stow 19th June 1701.