Clydesdale CrickeT Club v Stirling County probably 1867

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Clydesdale CrickeT Club v Stirling County Cricket Match Report - (probably 1867)




(Date 1867?)


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Clydesdale Cricket Club v Stirling County 1867?

CLYDESDALE V. STIRLING COUNTY. This match was played on last Saturday, at Stirling, the Clydesdale winning by one innings and 77 runs. Scores : -

1st Innings 2nd Innings 1st Innings
Henderson, c McPherson, b Campbell 6 c Hendry, b Campbell 2 Duff, c Palmer, b Lewis 41
Lewis, run out 0 absent 0 McPherson, c Morrison, b McQuade 10
J.McQuade, b Campbell 5 run out 2 K.Park, c Nicholson, b Morrison 0
Murrie, b Campbell 10 not out 22 Miller, run out 7
M.McQuade, c McDonald, b Duff 2 b Duff 0 McAllister, run out 18
Morrison, b Duff 0 c McAllister, b Duff 0 A.Campbell, b Lewis 11
Palmer, b Campbell 2 b Campbell 12 Somers, not out 29
Kane, b Campbell 0 run out 1 T.Stanley, c Morrison, b Lewis 20
McNicol, c Stanley, b Duff 0 b Campbell 0 Hendry, b Lewis 0
Nicholson, c and b Duff 2 st Allister, b Campbell 1 J.Walker, b Lewis 2
Lewis, not out 3 c McPherson, b Campbell 0
Byes 2 Extras 11
30 42 149

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