Obituary of Ebenezer Hendry of the Station Hotel, Stirling

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Ebenezer Hendry's Obituary from the Stirling Observer

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A well known and highly respected townsman of former days has passed away in the person of Mr. Ebenezer Hendry, of the Waverley Hotel, Dumfries, who was for long identified with the Station Hotel, Stirling. Mr. Hendry, who had reached the age of 60, had enjoyed his usual good health up to eleven weeks ago, when he took ill, and had since then been confined to bed, his death, which took place on Thursday, rather suddenly, being due to haemorrhage. Deceased was a native of Stirling, his father occupying the Star Hotel, which stood at the corner of Friars Street and Baker Street. Some forty-five years ago old Mr. Hendry acquired the present Station Hotel, which was then occupied as law offices, but was reconstructed and licensed as a hotel. Mr. Ebenezer Hendry served his apprenticeship in Glasgow in the soft goods trade, but on the death of his father he succeeded to the Station hotel which he successfully conducted until 1892, when he disposed of the business, which was taken over by the late Mr. James Lennox. After a year's residence in Stirling, at Beechwood, Newhouse, Mr. Hendry removed to Glasgow, on becoming a partner in the firm of Messrs. Gilmour & Co., silk merchants, Royal Exchange Square.

He continued this connection until 1907, when he became the proprietor of the Waverley Hotel, Dumfries, where he died last week. When in Stirling, Mr. Hendry took a close interest in all matters affecting the welfare of the burgh, though he never became a member of any of the public Boards. He, however, lent his active support to many of the institutions of the town. He was a great lover of cricket. When first in Glasgow he became connected with the Clydesdale Club, and last year he paid his fiftieth annual subscription to it. He was also a member of Stirling County C.C., and latterly of the Dumfries Club. He was likewise a past president of the Albert Place Bowling Club, and was also a good curler, being connected with the Stirling Castle Club. In Stirling he was a regular attender at the County Cricket Club matches, and also those of the King's Park Football Club, and was always interested in their doings.

In other directions the deceased gentleman extended his sympathy and support, and was an elder at the East Parish Church. Mr. Hendry was predeceased by his wife, who died in Stirling, but all the members of his family, eleven in number, still survive. The funeral took place to Stirling Cemetery on Monday, and was attended by many off his old friends in the town.

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