Clydesdale Cricket Club Football Matches 1873/74

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Clydesdale v Glasgow Wanderers (end of 1872-73 season?)




(end of 1872-73 season?)


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GLASGOW WANDERERS v. CLYDESDALE- The last match of the season on the Clydesdale ground took place on Saturday, and was one of the most evenly contested affairs that have taken place in the Western District this season, the game ultimately ending in a draw, after a spirited and exciting display of football. The day was very fine, and a large number of spectators assembled on Kinning Park to watch the game, which commenced about a quarter, and was continued for a hour and a half. During the first half the play was a little wild on both sides, but it improved greatly before the close. The Wanderers, who are nearly all expert Rugby players, did remarkably well on this occasion ; and if their opponents were swift, they were swifter, their only weak point lying in dribbling, which was nearly atoned for by the steady and sure kicking of their forwards and the watchfulness of their backs. The Clydesdale, although in several instances outpaced, played splendidly together, especially the forwards, Gibb, McPherson, J, Wilson, and Webster doing rare work in checking the well-directed attempts of Tennent, Kidston, McClure, Evans, and Cochrane to put the ball in their fortress. McPherson in several instances showed fine tactics in dodging his opponents and dribbling the ball in front. In the first round, the Clydesdale forwards came away with a rush, got the ball in front of the Wanderers stronghold, and Gibb finished by making what looked like a goal ; but it was disallowed, on the ground that the ball had gone over instead of under the tape. In the last round both sides soon began work in earnest, and on several occasions the ball was taken from goal to goal without scrimmage. Seeing their citadel endangered, the Wanderers soon realised their position, drove the Clydesdale before them, and put the latter on the defensive for a considerable time ; and several shots by the Wanderers came very close to the fortress, the goalkeeper at one time having a hot time of it. Kidston, Cochrane, and Evans - the latter far the best dribbler on the side of the Wanderers - made very good shots, the ball going just a few inches outside the post. Just as time was called, the Clydesdale made a fine run up to the Wanderers' goal and nearly succeeded in sending the ball through. Players. - WANDERERS - A. Mc Geoch, goal; J.P. Tennent, W.H. Kidston, half- backs; A. Cochrane, quarter-back; J.H. McClure, A.W. Evans (captain), G. Murray, J. Kennedy, J. Williamson, G. Robinson, R. Hunter, forwards. CLYDESDALE - McNab (goal); W. Neilson, W. Wilson, backs; A. Campbell (captain), McArly, half-backs; W. Gibb, J. Wilson, J. McPherson, A. Anderson, E. Hendry, G. Webster, forwards.

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