Further details of the children of Ebenezer Hendry and Agnes Williamson

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Further details of the children of Ebenezer Hendry and Agnes Williamson

Ebenezer Hendry born 25 Jan 1869 in Helensburgh.

I have been unable to find an obvious record of Ebenezer anywhere in the UK for the censuses of 1891 and 1901, and the next actual record we have is of his marriage on 23rd March 1904 to a Margaret White Stevenson in Durban, Natal, South Africa. The South African record only contains the information as to the date and place of the marriage, the fact that both parties were of full age (i.e. over 21),  and they were both resident in Durban, with Margaret recorded as a spinster and Ebenezer as a merchant and a bachelor. However the Glasgow Herald of 25 March 1904 carried the marriage announcement and identified Margaret's parents "the late Thos Stevenson, Esq. and Mrs Stevenson, 9 Kay Park, Kilmarnock."

Glasgow Herald of 25th March 1904

Margaret White Stevenson was actually the daughter of Thomas Stevenson, a Bookseller, and Margaret White, and was born on 8 Oct 1872 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Her parents were wed on 25 Jun 1867 in West Raws, Kilmarnock Parish, Ayrshire. (Thomas was born about 1835 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and died on 27 Aug 1878 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Margaret White was born about 1842 in Loudon, Ayrshire and died on 29 Jul 1917 in 9 Kay Park Terrace, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. For further details of this family - click here)

Where Ebenezer was in the years up until 1904 is uncertain although I suspect he may have been in South Africa during at least some of this time. I also suspect that Margaret, had gone to South Africa sometime between 1891 and 1901. She can be found in the family home for the 1891 census recorded as a pupil teacher, but no obvious record of her can be found in the 1901 census. With her teacher training she may have gone to South Africa to teach or as a governess and there is a record of a Miss M W Stevenson, an adult, travelling on the RMS Scot from Southampton to Cape in 1899 which would fit. Although Ebenezer and Margaret certainly married in Durban, their first child, a daughter, Margaret White Hendry, was born at 43 Park Circus, Ayr on 5 Jul 1909, the home of Margaret's sister Grace Pollok Stevenson and her husband John Smith, a bookseller. Ebenezer and Margaret's second child, a son, Ebenezer (V) Alexander Hendry, was born about 1912 in Klerksdorp, South Africa, the last of the Ebenezers. It would seem that (possibly unsurprisingly) he was known as Ben or Eben. 

There is a record of Ebenezer returning to the UK on the Balmoral Castle in the UK in March 1916 from South Africa, recorded as Mr. E, aged 46, a Merchant. Along with him was his wife Margaret, (Mrs M.), aged 40, and their two children Margaret aged 6 (Margaret) and Ebenezer, aged 4, (Eben A.) . Ebenezer seems to have returned to South Africa ahead of his wife and children as there is a record of Mr. E. Hendry, a Merchant from Capetown aged 46, sailing for South Africa on board the SS. Walmer Castle which left London on 6 May 1916. His wife Margaret and the children seemed to have remained in the UK for another 4 months returning to South Africa on the SS. Saxon which sailed from London on 26 August 1916. Margaret was recorded as Mrs. Hendry aged 43 with the children recorded as Miss M. (Margaret) aged 7 and Mst. E (Ebenezer) aged 5. In fact both children had celebrated their birthdays in the UK in the intervening months. 

Circa 1935 their son Ebenezer A. married Mary Athalie Bate daughter of George Frederic Bate and Mary Templeton Calderwood. Mary was born on 14 May 1914. The marriage must have been circa 1935 as there is a record of the couple visiting the UK in 1936 arriving in the UK at Southampton on board the SS Dunbar Castle on 25 February 1936. They were recorded as Eben Alec Hendry aged 24, a Technical Instructor and his wife Mary Athalie Hendry aged 21. They had embarked at Beira, Mozambique, and their initial address for the UK was given as Imperial Chemical House, Millbanck, Londow SW1. Their Country of last permanent residence was given as the Union of South Africa. Ebenezer and Margaret returned to South Africa 10 months later, again sailing on SS Dunbar Castle. They were recorded as E A Hendry aged 25 an Engineer along with his wife Mrs Hendry aged 22 embarking at London on 22 October 1936 bound for the Cape, South Africa. Their last address in the UK was Nobel House, Stevenston, Ayr. As both these UK addresses were part of ICI I suspect Ebenezer was working for them at the time. 








Military Cross

Sadly Ebenezer was killed on 17 Dec 1942 in Egypt, North Africa whilst serving with 13 Field Company, South African Engineer Corps. He was clearing German minefields presumably during the pursuit of Rommel's retreating forces following the battle of El Alamein. He was posthumously awarded a Military Cross for his actions. His 1936 final address in UK of Nobel House, Stevenston was the ICI Explosives Division at Ardeer which produced blasting gelatine, gelignite, ballistite, guncotton, cordite, and 'safety fuse' as well as several spin-offs from the original companies. This might relate to his mine clearing role with the South African Engineers. 

Only six months previously, in June of 1942, Ebenezer wrote to his sister Margaret and her husband Robert Waddell expressing his wife and his sorrow at the news of the loss of their son Ian Waddell who had lost his life when the tanker he was on, M.V. Narragansett, was torpedoed in the March 1942. In their letter they refer to their son Ebenezer who was currently fighting with the South African Engineers in North Africa. "We have word from Bennie from Cairo & he is well. He is a Lieut in the Engineering Corps". (From the book "The Radio Officer's War - Ships Storms and Submarines by Harry Scott - based on the wartime diaries of Ian Waddell. Available on Amazon)

Prior to his death Ebenezer and Mary had had two children, Robin born on 25 Mar 1938 and Jean born about 1940. Jean emigrated to Canada but Robin remained in South Africa and through his descendents the Hendry name lives on in South Africa. 

Ebenezer and Margaret's daughter Margaret married Johannes Stefan Duplessis and they had three children: Delza Margaret, Louis Hendry, and John Stephanus and their descendents live on in South Africa to this day.

It is currently unknown when Ebenezer or Margaret Hendry nee Stevenson died, but it is assumed it was post 1942 in South Africa.

Jean Glen Hendry born 16 Aug 1870 in Helensburgh

Jean ran the Waverley Hotel in Dumfries for a time after the death of her father. Lived latterly in Kildonnan, 27 Montague Street, Dumfries with her sisters Agnes, Helen and Mary, where she died, a spinster, 23rd May 1956.

Isabella Hendry born 8 Jul 1872 in Glasgow

Isabella seems to have been a housekeeper and died, a spinster, on 30 Mar 1944 in 1301 Govan Road, Glasgow - Usual Residence 48 Queens Drive, Glasgow.

Elizabeth Hendry born 30 May 1874 in Glasgow

Elizabeth married Andrew Anderson on 10th December 1899 in Calcutta, Bengal, India. The marriage record identifies Elizabeth as the daughter of Ebenezer Hendry and Andrew as the son of George Murray Anderson.  Andrew was born on 2 June 1872, in Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire and was actually the son of her mother's sister Jane Elliot Williamson and George Murray Anderson, an accountant, and would therefore have been her cousin. 

I would assume that Andrew had gone out to India to take advantage of the opportunities for a young man to make good. There is an Andrew Anderson travelling to Calcutta on the SS King of Khios, sailing from Liverpool on 23 February 1892 which would fit. Presumably the liaison between himself and Elizabeth was already in existence prior to 1899 and having established himself he sent for her and she travelled out there to marry him. (Possibly Miss Hendry on the SS City of Corinth sailing fro Liverpool to Calcutta on 17 November 1899). It is not impossible that the match was not approved by one or both sets of parent due to them being cousins which might explain her travelling to India for the wedding rather than Andrew returning to the UK??

Just over a year after the marriage Elizabeth fell pregnant with their first child and it would seem the decision was taken to return to Scotland for the birth as on 15 August 1901 at 4 Albany Street, Maryhill, Glasgow Elizabeth gave birth to their daughter Agnes Jeanie Helen Anderson. Agnes was recorded as the daughter of Andrew Anderson, an Engineer's Assistant Manager, who was domiciled in Howrah, Calcutta, and Elizabeth Anderson, nee Hendry. The address the birth was registered was the home of Andrew Anderson and Elizabeth Hendry's "shared" uncle William C. P. Williamson for the 1901 census and I would assume was still such at the time of the birth of Agnes. The certificate confirms the date and place of the marriage of Andrew Anderson and Elizabeth Hendry as 10th December 1899, Calcutta. The informant was Jeanie Hendry, Elizabeth's sister and it is assumed that Andrew was still in India at the time of this birth. 

The next record we have of the family is the birth of their second daughter Elizabeth Margaret on 5 January 1907 at Hannafore, West Looe, Liskeard, Cornwall. Andrew Anderson, the father, is the informant, described as an Engineer and Iron Merchant's Assistant and both his address and the address of the birth are given as Hannafore, West Looe. This places the family in the UK at this time. Whether West Looe was their permanent residence or whether they were there temporarily is unknown. It may or may not be significant that Andrew's father George Murray Anderson was to die later in this year on 24 October 1907 in Fulham, London.

For the census of 1911 Elizabeth and Andrew and their two young daughters Agnes Helen and Elizabeth Margaret were living with their brother John W. Hendry at 2 N1thsdale Place (in Nithsdale Road), Glasgow, with Andrew recorded as the manager of an engineering works.

1911 Census (2 April) Shotts - 644/18 Book 13, Page 13

3 Nithsdale Place, Polokshields, Govan, Glasgow (6 Rooms with 1 or more windows)




Duration of


No of

Children Born

No of Children



Where Born

John W Hendry Head 29       Law Agent - Worker Stirling, Stirlingshire
Isabella T. Hendry Sister 38         Stirling, Stirlingshire
Agnes W. Hendry Sister 33       Teacher - Student Stirling, Stirlingshire
Margaret Hendry Sister 31       Typist - Worker Stirling, Stirlingshire
Helen W. Hendry Sister 25       Teacher Stirling, Stirlingshire
Andrew Anderson Relation 38       Manager Engineering Works - Worker Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire
Elizabeth Anderson Sister 36 11    Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Agnes H. Anderson Relation 9       School Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Elizabeth M. Anderson Relation 4         England
Elizabeth Mitchell Servant 29       General Servant Domestic Airdrie, Lanarkshire

By the 1920's the family had moved\retired to Croydon and the houses they were living in suggesting the family were reasonably well to do. The first record I have is of them is appearing in the electoral roll for 1922 at 2 Park Hill Rise (latterly called Roslyn Grange), Croydon.  They are still at this address in 1929 but with the change in the electoral qualifications both their daughters became eligible to vote and appear on the electoral roll alongside their parents i.e. Andrew and Elizabeth, Bessie Anderson, Nancy Anderson. Also for the first time two individuals May Smith, Alice Stone are shown. I am not one hundred percent certain who these individual are and they remain with the family over the next decades, May Smith up to Andrew's death in 1950 and Alice Stone up to Elizabeth's demise in 1958.  I suspect they were most likely domestic servants furthering the notion of a well to do life style.  To appear in the electoral roll they must have been over 21 in 1929 - so born before 1908. It is always possible that one might just be a further daughter, who was married and widowed without children but I can not believe they both could fit this explanation. 

On 26 September 1931 at the Parish Church of Shirley, Croydon, Andrew and Elizabeth's elder daughter Agnes Jeanie Helen Anderson married a Leo Francis Jones, a bachelor aged 34, an Engineer's Clerk, residing at 22 Normanton Road, Croydon. Leo Francis Jones was the son of William Francis Jones, Brick Works Manager, and Ada Blanche Newport (m Newport Monmouthshire 1887). Agnes Jane Helen Anderson, was recorded as a spinster aged 30, daughter of Andrew Anderson, Director of a Private Company, and her address is given as simply Shirley! 

The family continued at 2 Park Hill Rise until about 1936 when they moved to 15 Chepstow Road, and it was from this address  that Andrew and Elizabeth's younger daughter Elizabeth Margaret Anderson got married to a John Brandram Turnbull on 10 June 1938 at the Parish Church of Shirley, Croydon. John was recorded as a bachelor aged 29, Builder, residing at 1 Hook Hill, Sanderstead. John Brandram Turnbull (b Woolwich 1909) was the son of of Arthur William Turnbull, Builder, and Mabel Frances Brandram (m. Lewisham 1906). Elizabeth Margaret Anderson was recorded as a spinster aged 31, the daughter of Andrew Anderson, formerly a Civil Engineer, of 15 Chepstow Road, Croydon. I was told by my father that there was a connection to the MCC via John Turnbull but this may just be hearsay. 

Sadly 30 October 1948, aged only 47, Agnes Jeanie Helen Anderson their elder daughter passed away. The death actually occured at 2 Sydenham Road, Croydon, a nursing home, although Agnes was recorded as living at 177 Ballards Way, Croydon, and the wife of Leo Francis Jones, now described as an Insurance Underwriter, who was also the informant. The widowed Leo remarried on 15 April 1950 in Croydon. He was described as an "Underwriter" and married Nancy Catherine Phillipa Turner, the widow of Charles K Turner (m 1927 Surrey). Nancy was born 15 Nov 1905 in Wandsworth, the daughter of Henry Kerswill Symons and Annie Howard. Both Leo and Nancy gave their addresses on the marriage certificate as 177 Ballards Way. Leo  F. Jones lived on for a further 28 years passing away on 11 May 1978 in Epsom District Hospital. He was described as a "Lloyds Underwriter", with his usual place of residence given as Rose Cottage, 7 Grove Avenue, Epsom. The informant was Nancy Catherine Phillipa Jones, his widow. His birth date and place are give as 30 Dec 1897 Caerleon, Wales, although I suspect that the year of birth is one year out and should actually be 30 Dec 1896 as the birth would seem to be registered in Newport Monmouthshire in Jan-Mar 1897 (Vol 11a Page 196) which would match with a December 1896 birth. In his will which he made shortly after his second marriage to Nancy, Leo bequeathed his entire estate to his new bride. As I also have not been able to identify any births of children to Leo and his first wife Agnes this would strongly suggest they had no offspring. Nancy Catherine Phillipa Jones died Oct 1992 in Chichester, Sussex. Note - There is a record of a probate for Leo's father William Francis Jones which gives his date of death as 13 June 1937 and his address as 22 Normanton Road, Croydon. His sons William George Edmund Jones, Architect, and Leo Francis Jones, Accounts Manager, are named as executors, with the value of the estate given as £5272 8s 7d.

Elizabeth and Andrew continued at 15 Chepstow Road until Andrew's death on 31 January 1950 at the University Hospital in St Pancras, London, aged 77. He occupation was given as Retired Company Director and his place of residence as 15 Chepstow Road, Croydon, with the informant being John B. Turnbull, son-in-law, of 187 Ballards Way, Croydon. Andrew's occupation was described variously throughout his life as - Ironmonger's Salesman - 1891 census in Scotland with family, Engineer's Assistant Manager - daughter Agnes's birth, Engineer and Iron Merchant's Assistant - daughter Elizabeth's birth, Director Private Company - daughter Agnes's marriage, former Civil Engineer - daughter Elizabeth's marriage and Retired Company Director - his own death certificate. Perhaps he may have gone to India as an ironmonger's salesman originally but become involved in building\engineering projects of some description where as a European he would assume the role of "engineer". The fact that he was described on his daughter Agnes's 1931 Croydon marriage certificate as Director Private Company, and as he is present, may mean that he was latterly involved with a company in the UK (construction?) in or around Croydon in the the 1920's. It is interesting that both his daughters ended up living ten doors apart in Ballards Way in Croydon one having married a builder, (the son of a builder), and the other having married the son of a brick works manager. Could Andrew have been a property developer? However Director Private Company could refer to a company back in India.

Following her husbands death, the widowed Elizabeth moved from 15 Chepstow Road, to 26a Chatsworth Road where she appears on the 1951 electoral roll, along with Alice M. Stone who is still in the household. 

John Brandram Turnbull the husband of Elizabeth Margaret Anderson died on 22 Jan 1953 aged 43.  He actual died in the same nursing home as his sister in law Agnes at 2 Sydenham Road, Croydon, but his usual address was 187 Ballards Way, Croydon. 

Elizabeth remained at 26a Chatsworth Road until her death. She died aged 84 on 5 September 1958 at 2 Sydenham Road, Croydon, the same nursing home as her daughter Agnes and son in law John B Turnbull. Her usual address was given as 26a Chatsworth Road, Croydon, and she was described as the widow of Andrew Anderson, occupation unknown. The informant was E. M. Turnbull of 187 Ballards Way, Croydon, her daughter.

Andrew and Elizabeth's younger daughter, Elizabeth Margaret Turnbull nee Anderson, died on 1 Jan 1995 shortly before her eighty-eighth birthday, having been a widow for over 40 years. She died at 187 Ballards Way, Croydon where she had lived for at least 45 years, and was recorded the widow of John Brandon Turnbull, a Builder. Her date of birth was given correctly as 5 January 1907 but the place of birth given incorrectly as Scotland. In Elizabeth Margaret's will she divided her estate between the daughters of her father's brother, her Uncle Robert Arthur Monk Turnbull and various godchildren. She also initially left part of her estate to her cousin Noel Hendry of 145 Sandford Avenue, Saint Lambert, Montreal, Canada, although this was later changed in favour of the aforementioned god cxhildren. As I also have not been able to identify any births of children to Elizabeth and John this would strongly suggest they had no offspring.

I would love to know a bit more about Elizabeth Hendry and Andrew Anderson e.g. was there actually any other children, what exactly was Andrew doing in India and how long was he and his family out there, am I correct in my identification of his parentage.......??? I hope somebody out there recognises these names and can help me fill in the gaps.

Alexander Hendry born 23 Feb 1876 in Stirling

Following on from the record of Alexander, a Stockbroker's clerk, in the family home in Glasgow for the census of 1901, the next definite record is of his marriage on 21 July 1909 in Marple just outside Manchester where he married Ethel Bradwell the daughter of George Edwin Bradwell and Ann Walker. In November 1910 their son Alexander was born in the Romiley district of Stockport and for the census of 1911 Alexander his wife and young son were recorded at 22 Beechwood Avenue, Romiley, Stockport. The house had seven rooms not including the bathroom and this along with a servant suggest a fairly well heeled life style. (For further details of the parents and siblings of Ethel Bradwell - Click here)

1911 Census (2 April) Stockport

22 Beechwood Avenue, Romiley, Stockport

Name Relationship Age

Duration of


No of

Children Born

No of Children


Occupation Where Born
Alexander Hendry Head 35       Stockbroker (employer) Stirling, Stirlingshire
Ethel Hendry Wife 25 1 1 1   Marple, Cheshire
Alexander Hendry Junior Son 4 Months         Romiley, Cheshire
Edith Sanderson Servant 18       General Servant (Domestic) Barnetby, Lincolnshire

On 2 June 1911 Alexander Hendry along with Ethel and baby Alex set sail to Canada as they appear on the UK passenger list of the SS Empress of Britain which sailed from Liverpool on 2 June 1911 arriving in Quebec on 9 June 1911. They can be found on the Canadian arrivals passenger list for the SS Empress of Britain, Page 14, aged 35, 25 and 5 months respectively. Alexander is marked as a returning Canadian and they are recorded as going to farm at Didsbury, Alberta. Although it is difficult to make out in the original record, I think Alexander is claiming to have been farming there for 5 years, and this fits with what I believe is a record of an earlier trip to Canada by Alexander. There is a record in 1904 of an Alex Hendry, aged 28, a clerk, born in Stirlingshire, Scotland on the passenger list of the SS Parisian going to Canada sailing from Liverpool and arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 10 December 1904. This Alex Hendry gave his ultimate destination as Calgarry. At this time in Canada's history very few people lived in western Canada and homesteaders were given a section of land (644 acres) in order to encourage settlement. It is interesting to consider that although Alexander's father in law, George Edwin Bradwell, was a farmer, Alexander himself had no farming background. So quite what made him think that a farming life in the wilderness of the Canadian prairies while living in a sod hut was preferable to life in Manchester working as a stockbroker I have no idea. What ever the reasoning behind the decision that is what Alexander and Ethel chose and were certainly off to in 1911 whether or not Alexander had already staked his claim to some land.

For the Canadian census of 1911, (which was started in June), Alexander was living in the Red Deer district of Alberta with his brother Robert who had come over to Canada the previous year on the SS. Corsican leaving Liverpool on 18 February 1910 and arriving in Halifax on 1 March 1910, as confirmed by this census record. He seems to be the head of the household so whether he had come over to look after a farm originally started by Alexander during his previously mooted earlier trip or whether Robert had also taken up on the Western Canadian land deal and this was his farm is unclear. I suspect the latter was the case and that Alex and his family were living there temporarily. Both Ethel and baby Alexander are incorrectly listed as born in Scotland although the month and year of date is correct. Alexander's brother Robert is recorded as the head of the household. 

1911 / Alberta / Red Deer / 119 Township 31 in ranges 3 / page 7

Name Relationship  Occupation  Date & Place of Birth Nationality  Age 
Robert Hendry Head Farmer Nov 1873 Scotland Scottish 37
Alexander Hendry Brother Farmer Feb 1876 Scotland Scottish 35
Ethel Hendry Sister-in-law   Aug 1885 Scotland Scottish 25
Alexander Hendry Nephew   Nov 1910 Scotland Scottish  6/12

It would seem Alex Hendry and Ethel returned to the UK at some time prior to May 1912 as the birth of their daughter Margaret was recorded in the UK on 15 May 1912. There is a record of Alex Hendry returning to Canada with Ethel Alex and baby Margaret in 1913 on the UK passenger list of the SS Corsican which sailed from Liverpool on 15 September 1913 arriving in Quebec on 25 September 1913. They can be found on the Canadian arrivals passenger list for the SS Corsican Page 14, recorded as going to Didsbury, Alberta. They are all marked as returning Canadians but I suspect this was their first trip back after Margaret's birth and therefore this was her first time in Canada?

Alexander and Ethel's second son Noel Williamson Hendry was born in Didsbury on 2 January 2 1915, sometime later that year Alexander left to fight in the First World War, leaving his wife and three young children to cope on their own in what would presumably still have been a rudimentary farmstead on Canadian prairie in the winter on their own. They must have been tough. The following description of Alexander is from the WW1 Canadian draft info....

World War I 1914 - 1918 Canadian Soldiers 

HENDRY , ALEXANDER 525301 RG 150, Box 4264 - 10 born 23 Feb 1876 Stirling, Scotland. Wife: Ethel Hendry, 864 Burrard St., Vancouver, Brit. Col, CAN. Res: North Lonsdale, P.O., Brit. Col., CAN. Farmer. 5'8" 32-35" waist; medium comp., grey eyes, grey brown hair. Presbyterian. 2 vacc. marks left arm. 2 scars 6" below left nipple; scar 2 1/2" in above and internal to left anterior suppine ilium. Mole back of right knee. Hearing = normal. Vision: 20/20.

For the census of 1921 Alexander and Ethel were living at in the municipality of Westerdale in West Calgary, Alberta.

1921 / Alberta / Calgary West / Sub District 12 Westerdale Municipality / Page 2


Relationship Age Place of Birth Father's Place of Birth Mother's Place of Birth Year of Immigration Occupation
Alexander Hendry Head 45 Scotland Scotland Scotland 1897 Farmer
Ethel Hendry Wife 36 England England England 1913  
Alexander Hendry Son 10 England Scotland England 1913  
Margaret Hendry Daughter 9 England Scotland England 1913  
Noel Hendry Son 6 England Alberta England    

It is believed that that farming was not their forte and when times got tough in the 1920s they gave up the farm and the family moved to Vancouver where Alexander got a job at the Vancouver stock exchange, presumably on the back of his experience in the U.K.. Alexander suffered from pernicious anaemia for quite a period of time and died on 1 June 1943 age 67 in Vancouver at which point Ethel and her daughter Margaret (who remained a spinster for life) opened a small seamstress business and operated it until about 1960. Ethel died on 12 Jun 1975 in Vancouver, Canada.

Agnes Hendry was born on 9 Dec 1877 in Stirling.

Agnes became a teacher.  Lived latterly in Kildonnan, 27 Montague Street, Dumfries with her sisters Jean Glen, Helen and Mary, . Died 27 January 1960 Moat Brae Nursing Home, Dumfries. (NOTE - Ref Moat Brae)

Margaret Hendry born 8 Sep 1879 in Stirling

Margaret married Robert Hall Waddell on 22 June 1912 in Pollokshields Parish church. Robert was a traveller in tweed, (latterly a Sales Manager for Buckholm Mills) and was born circa 1878 in Jedburgh, the son of George Waddell, a market gardener, and Margaret Hall. At the time of the marriage Robert was identified as aged 34 and living at,64 Victoria Street, Galashiels. Margaret was identified as aged 32 and living at 3 Nithsdale Place, Pollokshields, Glasgow. The witnesses were John Hodge Jnr. and Helen W. Hendry, Margaret's sister. After their marriage Margaret and Robert lived in Galashiels, where they had three children- 

The family lived at 12 Abbotsford Place in Galashiels for many years, and it was there that both Robert and Margaret (Peg) died. Robert Hall Waddell died on 2 December 1960 and Margaret (Peg) died in her 100th year on 12 January 1979.

John Williamson Hendry born 6 Feb 1882 in Stirling

Next generation in our Hendry Family History

Robert Thomson Hendry born 9 November 1883 in Stirling

The publication " Pioneers Who Blazed the Trail", states that "Bob Hendry ………… immigrated to the Didsbury, Alberta district in 1910". This is confirmed by the inclusion of a Robt T Hendry, a Scot, on the UK passenger list of the SS Corsican which sailed from Liverpool 17 February 1910 arriving Halifax 1 March 1910. This selfsame Robert can be found on the Canadian arrivals passenger list for the SS Corsican, Page 5, aged 25, and heading for Olds, Alberta.

For the census of 1911 Robert was recorded as the head of the household in Red Deer, Alberta, along with his recently arrived brother, wife, and their son, his nephew. 

1911 / Alberta / Red Deer / 119 Township 31 in ranges 3 / page 7

Name Relationship  Occupation  Date & Place of Birth Nationality  Age 
Robert Hendry Head Farmer Nov 1873 Scotland Scottish 37
Alexander Hendry Brother Farmer Feb 1876 Scotland Scottish 35
Ethel Hendry  Sister-in-law   Aug 1885 Scotland Scottish 25
Alexander Hendry Nephew   Nov 1910 Scotland Scottish  6/12

On 20 September 1912, in Didsbury, Alberta Robert married Ann Bradwell the sister of the Ethel Bradwell his brother Alexander had married back in England in 1909. The wedding certificate identifies Robert as aged 27 , a resident of Didsbury, born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, a bachelor and farmer, son of Eben Hendry and Agnes Williamson. Annie was identified as aged 19, a spinster, resident in Didsbury, born in Marple, England, daughter of George Edwin Bradwell and Ann Walker. The witnesses were A and E Gertz. Ann had come to Canada with her father along with her father in 1911. Ann along with her father George and brother Harold were recorded on the UK passenger list of the SS Canada as leaving the UK from Liverpool on 21 October 1911 and arriving in Quebec on 29 October 1911. They can be found on the Canadian arrivals passenger list for the SS Canada, Page 12, aged 50, 16 and 11 respectively. It states that George was going to Didsbury, Alberta, to farm and to stay with married daughter, presumably Ethel, so it is assumed that Ann also went with him. (For further details of the siblings and parents of Annie Bradwell - Click here)

In 1912 Robert became a charter member of the United Farmers of Alberta and overtime gained the distinction of being the longest standing member of the organization living in the country.

Robert and Ann had three children : Robert born in 1913, John born in 1915, and Jean born in 1917.

For the census of 1921 Robert and Annie with their three cildren, Robert, Norman, and Elsie were living at in Westerdale, Red Deer, Alberta.

1921 / Alberta / District 10 Red Deer / Sub District 15 Tp 33 Range 4 West 5th MMD Westerdale 311 / Page 2


Relationship Age Place of Birth Father's Place of Birth Mother's Place of Birth Year of Immigration Occupation
Robert T Hendry Head 35 Scotland Scotland Scotland 1910 Farmer - own farm
Annie Hendry Wife 29 England England England 1911  
Robert Hendry Son 8 England Alberta England    
Norman Hendry Son 6 England Alberta England    
Elsie Jane Hendry Daughter 4 England Alberta England    

In 1923, Robert took his wife and family to Vancouver, British Columbia where he looked for work, but was not very successful. They lived very near to Stanley Park. He returned to Eagle Hill in 1924, while his wife and young children remained in Vancouver. He then left for High Prairie where the children joined him and settled down. During W.W.II, Robert. worked for the government in a department where his work was essential to winning the war. He spent the later 23 years with his daughter, Mrs. Charlie Bittle. 

Robert died on 3 July 1965 and was buried in St Marks Anglican Cemetery.

A very complete story of Robert and his descendants can found in " Pioneers Who Blazed the Trail", p 186; (Robert Hendry) "Trails We Blazed Together"; p. 978 -982 (Robert Hendry and his son John). " Pioneers Who Blazed the Trail", p 186; (Robert Hendry) is available at http://www.ourroots.ca

Helen Williamson Hendry born 19 May 1885 in Stirling

Helen (Nell) became a teacher. Lived latterly in Kildonnan, Montague Street, Dumfries. Helen died, a spinster, in 1974 in Dumfries.

Mary White Hendry born 9 Jul 1887 in Stirling

Mary lived latterly in Kildonnan, 27 Montague Street, Dumfries with her sisters Agnes, Helen and Jean Glen. She died, a spinster, on 21 Sep 1958 at Moat Brae Nursing Home, Dumfries. (NOTE - Ref Moat Brae)


As stated Alexander and Robert married sisters - Alexander marrying Ethel Bradwell in England (1909) and Robert marrying Anne Bradwell in Canada (1912). Ethel and Anne were the daughters of George Edward Bradwell and Ann Walker originally of Marple, Manchester. George was a farm worker and it may be that he was the one who promoted the idea of emigration to Canada with the promise of the free land available in the West of Canada. 

Reading the two stories it would seem that the two families went their separate ways circa the depression 1923.  I have been in touch with descendents of both families who seem to have been unaware of their "other" relations in Canada. In the comprehensive history of Robert and his descendents no mention is made of Robert having a brother who came over to Canada at the same time and Alexander Hendry's wife Ethel Bradwell did not die until 1975 and yet never mentioned the sister that also came to Canada and was married to her husband's brother.

NOTE - Moat Brae House was designed in 1823 for Robert Threshie of Barnbarroch, by Walter Newall, South West Scotland’s most distinguished architect. In 1873, on his first day as a pupil at Dumfries Academy, the author JM Barrie befriended the Gordon boys, sons of a local solicitor whose family were then living at Moat Brae. Stuart Gordon shared Barrie’s appetite for high adventure, and invited him to join his pirate crew… “…when the shades of night began to fall, certain young mathematicians shed their triangles, crept up walls and down trees, and became pirates in a sort of Odyssey that was long afterwards to become the play of Peter Pan. For our escapades in a certain Dumfries Garden, which is enchanted land to me, were certainly the genesis of that nefarious work.” (JM Barrie, Speech on being awarded the Freedom of Dumfries, 11 December 1924) The garden of Moat Brae house is, then, the inspiration for Peter Pan.