Further details of the children of Andrew Cowan and Jean Walker

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Andrew Cowan married Jean Walker on 8 Mar 1797 in Coylton, Ayrshire. Andrew Cowan was born about 1767 in Ayrshire Jean Walker was born about 1777 in Ayrshire.

John Morrison Cowan born on 24 May 1801 in Coylton, Ayrshire

John married Janet Burns daughter of Andrew Burns and Margaret Blackwood on 6 Dec 1828 in Ayr. Janet was born on 7 Nov 1803 in Dundee. John died on 15 Apr 1878 in Templehill, Troon. Janet died on 6 Sep 1881 in Templehill, Troon. John and Janet had the following children:

For the 1851 census…..

1851 Census (31 March) Dundonald (590) Book 5c Page 17

Templehill, Troon. Dundonald


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
John M. Cowan Head 49 Postmaster Coylton, Ayrshire
Janet Cowan Wife 47 Postmaster's Wife Dundee, Angus
John Cowan Son 17 Bank Clerk Troon. Ayrshire
James Cowan Son 15 Scholar Troon. Ayrshire
Jane Cowan Daughter 13 Scholar Troon. Ayrshire
Janet B.B. Cowan Daughter 11 Scholar Troon. Ayrshire
William Cowan Son 9 Scholar Troon. Ayrshire
Grace Niven Servant 21 House Servant Dailly, Ayrshire

William Cowan born on 20 Apr 1804 in Coylton, Ayrshire

William was christened on 21 Apr 1804 in Coylton, Ayrshire. Nothing more known at this time

Charles Cowan born 1806

Charles was christened on 10 Jan 1806 in Coylton, Ayrshire. Nothing more known at this time

David Cowan born on 4 Sep 1809 in Coylton, Ayrshire

David was christened on 6 Sep 1809 in Coylton, Ayrshire. Nothing more known at this time

Hector Cowan was on 22 Apr 1812 in Coylton, Ayrshire

Hector was christened on 24 Apr 1812 in Coylton, Ayrshire. He died on 10 May 1896 in 8 West Portland Street, Troon. Hector married Margaret Gilmore on 8 Jun 1836 in Dundonald, Ayrshire. Margaret died in 1881. Hector and Margaret had the following known children:

For the 1841 census

1841 Census (7 June) Dundonald (590) Book 4 Page 30 & 31.

Portland Street Paterson Land, Troon, Dundonald, Ayrshire.


Age Occupation Where Born
Hector Cowan 26 Grocer & Spirit Dealer Yes
Margerat Cowan 26   Yes
Jean Cowan 3   Yes
Margerat Cowan 1   Yes
Jean McCrea 16 Female Servant Yes

For the 1851 census

1851 Census (31 March) Dundonald (590) Book 4 Page 11

Portland Street, Troon. Dundonald


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Hector Cowan Head 38 Wine & Spirit Merchant Coylton, Ayrshire
Margaret Cowan Wife 40   Troon, Ayrshire
Andrew Cowan Son 14 Scholar Troon, Ayrshire
Margaret Cowan Daughter 11 Scholar Troon, Ayrshire
James Cowan Son 8 Scholar Troon, Ayrshire
Barbara Cowan Daughter 6 Scholar Troon, Ayrshire
Mary Cowan Daughter 5   Troon, Ayrshire
Jessie Cowan Daughter 2   Troon, Ayrshire
John Cowan Son 1   Troon, Ayrshire
Marion Blackwood Servant 20 General Servant Muirkirk, Ayrshire

Margaret Cowan born on 25 Apr 1815 in Coylton, Ayrsire

Margaret was christened on 27 Apr 1815 in Coylton, Ayrshire. Nothing more known at this time

Thomas Cowan born on 9 Oct 1823 in Coylton, Ayrshire

Thomas was christened on 12 Oct 1823 in Coylton, Ayrshire. Nothing more known at this time.