Further details of the children of William Adam and Agnes Stewart

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Further details of the children of William Adam and Agnes Stewart

James Adam, born on 25 August 1867 in Glasgow

At the time of the 1891 census James was living at 72 St Mary St, St Johns, Birmingham, Warwickshire, working as an Iromonger's Assistant. 

1891 Census (6th April) Birmingham -Warwickshire RG12/2372 Folio 113-114 Book 35 Page 26

72 St Mary St, St Johns, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Thomas Rubbra Head 46 Clerk (Employee) Dudley, Worcestershire
Mary Ann Rubbra Wife 40   Walsall, Staffordshire
Edith Rubbra Daughter 10 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire
Martha French Boarder 36   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Elizabeth Kate Rubbra Daughter 3   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Eleanor Mary Rubbra Daughter 12 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire
Tom Evan Rubbra Son 7 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Adam Boarder 23 Ironmongers Assistant (Emp'ee) Scotland

At the time of the 1901 census James was living at 42 Fleming Road, Newington, Soutwark, London, working as an Iromonger's Traveller. His younger brother Beith was living with him.

1901 Census (7 April) Newington, Soutwark, London RG13 Piece 375 Folio 90 Page 32

42 Fleming Road, Newington, Soutwark, London


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
James A. Brown Head 36 Printer Woolwich, Kent
Elizabeth Brown Wife 34   Shoreditch, London
James G. Brown Son 11   Walworth, London
Elizabeth F. Brown Daughter 8   Walworth, London
Louisa Pearson Aunt (widow) 76   Chipping Ongar, Essex
James Adam Boarder 33 Ironmonger's Traveller Scotland
Beith S. Adam Boarder 20 Commercial Clerk Scotland

By the time of the 1911 census James was boarding at 83 Seymour Road, Hornsey, Edmomton, in the household of George Dearling and his family. James was recorded simply as a clerk and has dropped a couple of years of his age!

1911 Census (2 April) Hornsey, Edmonton RG14 Piece 353 RD 132, SD 1 Book 3 Page 361

83 Seymour Road, Hornsey, Edmomton


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
George Dearling Head 52 Upholsterer Petworth, Sussex
Eliza Higgins Dearling Wife 51   Hornsey, Middlesex
George Seward Dearling Son 29 Mechanical and Electrical Hornsey, Middlesex
Lena Gertrude Dearling Daughter 26 Outfitter's Assistant Hornsey, Middlesex
Gladys Olive Dearling Daughter 24 Mother's Help Hornsey, Middlesex
James Adam Boarder 41 Clerk Scotland
George Henry Green Boarder 29 Assistant Master Secondary Cowes, Isle of Wight

15 years after this census, on 23 October 1926 in the Church of St John, in Upper Holloway in London, James married Ella May Rossiter. James was identified as James Adam, aged 56, a Bachelor, Clerk, of 14 Pemberton Gardens, son of William Adam (deceased) and his bride as Ella Amy Rossiter aged 50, a spinster, also of of 14 Pemberton Gardens, daughter of John William Rossiter, (deceased). The witnesses were C. H. Hughes (Ella's brother in law) and A. Brewer. Ella was born about 1877 in Wiveliscombe, Somersetshire, the daughter of John William Rossiter, a Railway Clerk, and Fanny Jane Richards. The photo on the right is of James with what is assumed to be Ella on Torbay pier perhaps whilst the couple on honeymoon down in Ella's home turf of the west country.

James Adam James Adam and probably his wife
Ella Amy Rossiter

Sadly Ella passed away after only 6 years of marriage in the January-March quarter of 1932 aged only 55. For the 1939 register the widowed James was recorded in hospital in Islington and it would seem he died shortly after as there is a death of a James Adam aged 72 registered in Islington in the October-December quarter of 1939.

A letter written by James's brother David to his brother Beith on 24 October 1944 contains a mention of James's death i.e. "All I wanted to know about James was what caused his death and if there was any will left - if he had anything to leave."

Janet Beith Adam, born on 10 July 1869 in Glasgow

Janet died in infancy in 1870 in Hutchesontown REF 644/10 0657.

William Adam, born on 11 February 1871 in Glasgow.

William married Margaret Isobel Buckingham on 3 October 1896 in Stevenage, Herts. Margaret was born about 1874 in Stevenage, Herts.

William and Margaret had three KNOWN children -

At the time of the 1891 census William had already moved to England and was living at 14 Golden? Street, St Pancras, London, working as a Hay Merchant's Clerk.

1891 Census (6th April) St Pancras, London RG12/119 Folio 95 Book ?? Page 43

14 Golden? Street, St Pancras, London

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Isobel Barclay Head (Widow) 49 Hotel Proprietor Glasgow, Scotland
David M. Barclay Son 21 Clerk Glasgow, Scotland
Mary G. Barclay Daughter 15   Glasgow, Scotland
Jams D. Lang Boarder 26 Stockbrockers Clerk Leith, Scotland
William Adam Boarder 20 Hay Merchant's Clerk Glasgow, Scotland
Marion Easton Servant 35 Domestic Servant ??????, Scotland
Amy A Stevens Servant 24 Domestic Servant ?????????

For the 1901 census William was living at The Larches, Orchard Avenue, Stevenage, Herts, along with his wife Margaret and daughter Robina. William was working as a Hay Buyer - Corn.

1901 Census (7 April) Stevenage, Herts RG13 Piece 1298 Folio 104 Page 9

The Larches, Orchard Road, Stevenage, Herts


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
William Adam Head 30 Hay Buyer Corn Glasgow, Scotland
Margaret I. Adam Wife 26   Stevenage, Herts
Robina Adam Daughter 4   Stevenage, Herts
Annie L. Collinson Servant 18 General Servant (Domestic)  Nottingham, Notts

For the 1911 census William and Margaret were living at 3 The Chalets, Upper St. Michael's Road, Aldershot with their three daughters.

1911 Census (2 April) Aldershot, Farnham

3 The Chalets, Upper St. Michael's Road, Aldershot, Surrey


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
William Adam Head 40 Hay Dealer Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Margaret Isabel Adam Wife - married 14 years 36   Stevenage, Herts
Robina Adam Daughter 14 School Stevenage, Herts
Olive Stewart Adam Daughter 9 School Stevenage, Herts
Jeannie Gordon Adam Daughter 2 months   Aldershot, Hants

William Adam died aged 47 in 1918 with the death recorded in the registration district of Braintree, Essex, in the January-March quarter of that year. There is an entry in the Index of Wills and Administration, The National Probate Calendar for - "ADAM, William of Chipping Hill Witham Essex died 20 October 1918 probate London 23 November to Margaret Isabel Adam widow.".

Margaret Buckingham died 2 February 1955 aged 80 and was laid to rest in Almonds Lane Cemetery, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. (Section A - Row 8 089) The headstone also commemorates her daughter Robina White, died 16 October 1962 aged 65. Interred in the same cemetery is her daughter Jeannie Gordon Adam who died 1976. (Section F - Row 21 401). (This cemetery is indexed and a map available on the web at http://jefferyknaggs.com/AlmondsLane.html.)

Stewart Adam, born on 25 October 1872 in Glasgow

In the 1891 census recorded in the family home with his parents working as a warehouseman.

On 4 January 1900 Stewart Adam was attested into the 18 (Lanarkshire) Company 6 Battalion Imperial Yeomanry. He was recorded as Private Stewart Adam, No. 8652, 27 years and 3 months, 5' 10 1/42 inches tall, with a chest expansion from 34 1/2" to 36" and weighing 159 lbs. His complexion was described as Fresh, with Grey eyes and Fair hair, and under "Distinctive marks, and marks indicating congenital peculiarities or previous disease" he was identified as having six toes on his right foot! His next of Kin was listed as James Adam, Brother, of 42 Fleming Road, Kennington, London. (James's address for the 1901 census). After 49 days at "home" presumably undergoing some rudimentary training, he was off to South Africa for the next 1 year and 114 days, before returning home and being discharged after 7 days on 23 June 1901. He was awarded the South Africa medal with three clasps - WITTEBERGEN (1-29 July 1900). Awarded to those who were inside a line drawn from Harrismith to Bethlehem, thence to Senekal and Clocolan in the Orange Free State along the Basutoland border, and back to Harrismith. CAPE COLONY (11 October 1899-31 May 1902). For service in the Cape of Good Hope where no clasp for a specific action in the Cape had been received. TRANSVAAL (24 May 1900-31 May 1902). For service in the South African Republic where no clasp for a specific action in the South African Republic had been received. The story is told that during his time in South Africa he walked into a presumably deserted house thousand of miles from home, to find his father staring down at him off the wall. The missing occupant had obviously been an apprentice at Dubbs & Co. back in Govanhill, and as such had his "graduation" photograph hung in pride of place over the fireplace!

On 17 April 1906 there is a record of Stewart setting sail from Liverpool bound for Canada on board the SS. Carthaginian belonging to the Allan Line Steamship Co. One wonders if his time in South Africa had kndled a desire for seeing the world and wide open spaces. He arrived in Halifax, N.S. on 3 May 1906. There is a land grant recorded for - Stewart Adam, Part - NW, Section - 4, Township - 29, Range - 23, Meridian - W3, which may explain Stewarts emigration.  i.e. He taken up one of the parcels of land on offer in the Canadian West and had set out to become a "Homesteader". This would involve clearing the land and setting up a residence.

However it would seem that either the life did not appeal or possibly he failed to achieve the necessary requirements to be actually granted title to the land as there is a record of a Stewart Adam coming into the US from Canada in 1909 - Stewart Adam, aged 36, occupation - Clerk, Scottish, coming from Regina, Saskatchewan and going to Cleveland, Ohio. 

The following year it was in Cleveland, Ohio that Stewart was recorded for the 1910 census. He was living in Wadsworth, Medina, Ohio, listed as - Stewart Adam, Boarder, aged 37, Single, Scottish, Alien (i.e. not US Citizen), having arrived in the US 1909, and employed as Foreman on the Roads. 

On 12 September 1918 Stewart Adam was recorded as part of the US 1918 WW1 Draft. He was recorded as resident at 2062 East 19th, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio - Stewart Adam, born on 25 October 1872 in Scotland, Single, and employed as an Inspector in a Drapery Manufacturers at 3063 East 82nd, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio. He was also described as tall, of medium build, with blue eyes and light brown hair. His nearest relative was given as H. H. Brodie of 1144 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, although research has not thrown up any obvious family relationship and I suspect Mr Brodie was a close friend rather than relative. 

For the 1920 census Stewart was recorded as living in 2062 East 19th, Cleveland Ward 11, Cuyahoga, Ohio. He was listed as - Stewart Adam, Boarder, aged 47, Single, Scottish, Alien (i.e. not US Citizen), having arrived in the US 1909, and working as a Machine Operator in a Factory 

Stewart Adam died in St ?Alspas? Hospital of pneumonia on 23 March 1923. His address was given as 3950 Bluestone Road, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio and he was identified as single, and a foreman in a Drapery Manufacturers. He was recorded as born on 25 October 1872, the son of William Adam, born in Scotland. His mother's name was unknown but she too was identified as born in Scotland. He was interred in East Cleveland Cemetery on 26 March 1923.

Jane Burns Adam, born on 29 October 1874 in Glasgow

Jane married James MacGregor Gordon on 5 June 1900 in Kelvin, Glasgow. James was recorded as a Book keeper, a batchelor, aged 28, and currently residing at 627 Shields Road, Glasgow. He was identified as the son of Alexander Gordon, a cashier, and Elizabeth McGregor, with neither recorded as deceased. Jane was recorded as a Book keeper, a spinster, aged 25, and currently residing at 85 Leslie Road, Glasgow. She was identified as the daughter of William Adam, an Engineer Manager, and Agnes Stewart, with both recorded as deceased. The witnesses were John Gordon. M.D. and Jessy W. Park

For the census of 1901 Jane and her husband were living at 14 Leven Street, Govanhill, Glasgow, with Jane's younger sister Robina in residence with them.

1901 Census (7th April) Glasgow (644/13) Book 31 Page 13

14 Leven Street, Govanhill, Glasgow.


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
James M. Gordon Head 29 Cashier in Silk Merchants Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Jane B. Gordon Wife  26   Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Robina Adam Sister in Law 13 Scholar Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Jane and James had to known children: 

  • Agnes (Nancy) Stewart Gordon born on 27 Oct 1901 in 10 Leven Street, Glasgow. On 8 Dec 1928 in The Grovesnor in Glasgow, Nancy married Harold Frederick Green, a bank clerk, the son of Harry Woodruffe Green, a Bank Clerk, and Louise Mary Bagshaw. (Harry was born in 1897 in London). At the time of the  wedding Nancy's address was given as 26 Darnley Road, Glasgow and Harry's address was given as Tower House, Ashley Road, Epsom, England.  Nancy died in 1991 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire.
  • Elizabeth (Elsie) MacGregor Gordon born in 1904 in (probably 10 Leven Street, Glasgow). Elsie married James Hogg Ronald, the son of Thomas Ronald, a Commission Agent, and Marion Wylie Hogg in 1936 in Cathcart, Glasgow, Lanarkshire. James Hogg Ronald was born on 16 Jan 1896 in 13 Stuart Street, Shawlands, Glasgow. Elsie and James had two known children. James died in 1963 in probably whilst residing at 33 Dalhousie Terrace, Morningside, Edinburgh. Elsie died in 1994 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire.

For the census of 1911 Jane and James were living with their two daughters, Anges and Elizabeth, and Jane's younger suster, Robina, at 43 Keir Street, Pollokshields. Glasgow. James was not listed as being in the household at the time of the census.

1911 Census (2 April) Govan - 644/18 Book 17, Page 13

43 Keir Street, Pollokshields, Glasgow (5 Rooms with 1 or more windows)




Duration of


No of

Children Born

No of Children



Where Born

Jane Gordon Wife 36 10 2 2   Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Agnes S. Gordon Daughter 9       Scholar Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Elizabeth McG. Gordon Daughter 6       Scholar Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Robina Adam Sister in law 23       Typist - Insurance Company - Worker Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
Elizabeth Harkness Servant 18       General Servant - Worker ?Turnberry?, Ayrshire

Jane died at 66 Kirkcaldy Road, Pollokshields, on 1 July 1944 aged 69. She was identified as married to James Gordon, a Silk manufacturer, and as the daughter of William Adam, an Engineer Manager, and Agnes Stewart, with both recorded as deceased. The witness was J. Gordon, widower. James MacGregor Gordon died on 27 September 1957 at 20 Colinton Road, Edinburgh aged 85. However his usual address was given as 33 Dalhousie Terrace, Edinburgh the home of his married daughter Elsie Ronald. He was identified as a retired Silk manufacturer, the widower of Jane Burns Adam, and the son of Alexander Gordon, a Mercantile Clerk, and Elizabeth McGregor, with both recorded as deceased. The witness was E. M. Ronald, his daughter.

Andrew Burns Adam, born on 7 August 1876 in Glasgow

Andrew died in infancy on 1 November 1877 in 17 Linnhall Terr, Govanhill, Glasgow.

David Saddler Adam, born on 5 September 1878 in Glasgow

David died in infancy on 5 May 1881 in Annette St, Glasgow.

Beith Stewart Adam, born on 2 August 1880 in Glasgow

At the time of the 1901 census Beith was living at 42 Fleming Road, Newington, Soutwark, London, working as an Commercial Clerk. His older brother James was living with him.

1901 Census (1 April) Newington, Soutwark, London RG13 Piece 375 Folio 90 Page 32

42 Fleming Road, Newington, Soutwark, London


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
James A. Brown Head 36 Printer Woolwich, Kent
Elizabeth Brown Wife 34   Shoreditch, London
James G. Brown Son 11   Walworth, London
Elizabeth F. Brown Daughter 8   Walworth, London
Louisa Pearson Aunt (widow) 76   Chipping Ongar, Essex
James Adam Boarder 33 Ironmonger's Traveller Scotland
Beith S. Adam Boarder 20 Commercial Clerk Scotland

Sometime between July and September (September?) 1909 Beith married Hetty Matilda Dawson and for the census of 1911 the couple were living at 147 Romford Road, Stratford, West Ham.

1911 Census (2 April) Forest gate, West Ham

147 Romford Road, Stratford, West Ham.


Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Beith Stewart Adam Head 30 Clerk at Forage Merchants Glasgow, Scotland
Hetty Matilda Adam Wife - married 19 mths 21   New Cross, England

Beith's war record shows that for the period 1917 - 1919 he was mainly based on a depot ship Hecla 11. She was based in Lough Swilly off Buncrana in the north of what was then simply Ireland. He was described as 5' 31/2" with a 36" chest, with brown hair, blue eyes and and a fresh complexion. He had a scar on his right leg and right elbow with a mole on his abdomen.

Beith and Hettie had the following known children - (one would assume the 1914-1918 gap was due to Beith's war service.) 

  • Beith Bruce. D. Adam was born on 23 Aug 1919 in West Ham, Essex (Ref - Vol 4a, Page 484). Beith married Margaret M Scanlon in Jul 1951 in St Albans, Hertfordshire (Ref - Vol 4b, Page 452). He died in Oct 1986 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire (Ref - Vol 10, Page 1003).
  • David Wallace. M. Adam was born on 21 Jun 1921 in West Ham, Essex (Ref - Vol 4a, Page 524). David married Mary Ann Tuomey (nee Donovan) in Jan 1952 in St Albans, Hertfordshire (Ref - Vol 4b, Page 434). He died in 1974 in St Albans, Hertfordshire (Ref - Vol 10, Page 0680) Mary Ann died.
  • Patricia G. G . Adam was born in Apr-Jun 1924 in West Ham 4a 500. Patricia married John H Fawdry in Oct 1942 in East Ham, Essex (Ref - Vol 4a, Page 288).
  • Constance F. H. Adam was born in Apr-Jun 1926 in West Ham 4a 483a. Constance married Jack Dixon in Oct 1946 in East Ham, Essex (Ref - Vol 5a, Page 160).
  • Daniel N. N. Adam was born in Jan-Mar 1928 in West Ham, Essex (Ref - Vol 4a, Page 451). Sadly Daniel died Jul-Sep 1928 in West Ham, Essex (Ref - Vol 4a, Page 228).
  • Christine Danila. R. Adam was born on 21 Jun 1930 in West Ham, Essex (Ref - Vol 4a, Page 395). Christine married Francis W Living in Oct 1953 in East Ham, Essex (Ref - Vol 5a, Page 30). She died in Jun 2005 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (Ref - Reg A81B, District 636/1A, Entry 213).

Beith died in 1957 in St Albans, Hertfordshire (Ref - Vol 4b, Page 235) and Hetty died in 1979 also in St Albans, Hertfordshire (Ref - Vol 10, Page 0485).

David Adam, born on 14 June 1882 in Annette St, Glasgow

In the 1891 census David was with his parents - a scholar aged 8. For the 1901 census, following the death of his father and mother, David was lodging near the family home in Pollokshields at 22 Melville Street, in the family home of David A. Patrick and his wife Florence.

David Adam married Annie MacKintosh Davidson, daughter of James MacKintosh Davidson, a Railway Clerk, and Esther Waters on 18 June 1912 at the Bath Hotel, Glasgow. At the time of his marriage David, aged 29, was recorded as a Commercial Traveller, resident at 96 Cartvale Road, Langside, and Annie, a spinster aged 22, was resident at 17 Battlefield Gardens, Langside, Glasgow. The witnesses were Alexander Steele and Isabella Davidson. Annie was born on 28 June 1889 in Lower Dunbar Street, Pultneytown, Wick, Caithness.

Three years after the marriage on 21 August 1915 at 19 Mount Street, Eastwood, Renfrewshire (south side of Glasgow) David and Annie had what I believe was their only child, a daughter Doreen Isabelle. The birth certificate records David as a Commercial Traveller. I know from a later US census record that David served in the armed forces during World War 1 as there was a question "Whether a Veteran of US Military or Naval Forces?" which was answered "Yes". However I would assume it was the British Army and probably a Scottish regiment that David would have served in, but as of this moment in time I have no other information.

On 23 July 1923 David emigrated to the United States. He sailed on the SS. Franconia, arriving in New York on the 1st August 1923. The documentation from Ellis Island records him as going to live with his brother in law Donald Waters Davidson in Chicago at what seems to be 7322 Brandon Avenue although this typed entry has a couple of written additions (Donald had emigrated in 1908). It looks like the number 7322 has been altered to 7340, and slightly below is the word John and to the right is what would seem to be So. Chicago Av. It is unclear what if any relevance these have to the typed address. He is recorded as fair with green eyes working as a Commercial Traveller, with his next of kin back in Scotland named as Annie MacKintosh Adam or Davidson of 1010 Cathcart Road, Glasgow. 

The next record I have for David and Annie is a the "Corrected Entry" on their marriage record which records their divorce on 22 June 1925 (registered on 12 March 1926) with David's address being given as Allen's Hotel, Northampton, Pennsylvania, and Annie's address as still 1010 Cathcart Road, Glasgow. 

It would seem that David may have found a new love in Pennsylvania as the 1930 census for North Catasauqua, Northampton, Pennsylvania shows that David had remarried to a Mary M. Zimmerman (born circa 1906 in Pennsylvania) and was living in East 21st Street along with their daughter Doris C. born about 1925 in Pennsylvania. The census shows David was working as a Safety Engineer in the Lawrence Portland Cement Company. 

In 1939 David was featured along with other members of the Lawrence plant safety committee in the local paper "The Morning Call" in an article describing the unveiling of a statue celebrating a year with no accidents in the plant. David was named as the Safety Director of the plant and Chairman of the safety committee. It is also believed he had his own radio show in Northampton.P.A called 'Uncle Daves show' for children.

There was a draft card issued for World War 2 for 22 April 1942 which gives David's details 5' 6 1/2", 170 lbs, with blue eyes and gray hair with a "light" complexion  It states his age as 59 with his date and place of birth as being 14 June 1882 in Glasgow, Scotland and his address as 1782 main Street, Northampton, Pennsylvania, with his employer as Lawrence Cement of Northampton.

In 1944 David wrote a letter to his brother Beith ...........

1661 Main Street

Northampton, Pa.


October 26th, 1944

My Dear Beith,


Many thanks indeed for your letter of Sept. 1st and for the news contained in it. I certainly answered your last letter O.K. but I expect it went down somewhere along the line. However things are a bit better now and I am sending this one by Air Mail so you will get it a bit sooner. You talked about being 65 soon but don't forget that your humble is not so very far behind you as I will be 63 in June.

Time certainly does go past but at the same time I don't feel my age and the folks here - the one's that don't know me so well take me for about 50.

We are pretty good and of course working hard in the war effort. There is no use talking about the war as I think we all know what is going on and it is only as question of time - but of course that may be quite a while yet till we clean up the whole bunch. I hope young Beith & David come through O.K. I always reply to all their letters and they seem to be a couple of nice youngsters. I think Doris wrote to David some time in reply to his letter. I am sorry to hear about Hetty's health and when it is the heart one has to be so careful. No doubt these last few years with the Boys being in service won't make things any better.

Yes - we got the snaps O.K. and I think I said something about them in my last letter to either David or Beith - however with letters going astray you never know where you are. All I wanted to know about James was what caused his death and if there was any will left - if he had anything to leave. Any information you may have about him will be appreciated as James and myself have always corresponded regularly with each other.

I have looked all through my belongings and can't find Photos of Mother and Dad. However I have a few Photos of groups taken and they are in them I THINK - and if so I will mail them on to you. I was pleased to know that you are a Grand Pop.

I certainly often think of our younger days - Annette St., Garturk St., and Dixon Avenue and last of all Pollokshields. They were the best days of all and when I look back at the time we used to go to Largs for our holidays. The Steak Pies from McColls on Sunday when the old Man came for the week end. And here is something I will never forget - I got Tuppence a week for cleaning the Dad's boots. Boy Oh Boy those werethe days and happy ones at that. Do you remember how you and I used to sneek out with our Football Togs underneath our wearing clothes to Play football and then the awful job of getting our boots cleaned before going home. Happy memories EH. I would like nothing better than to get back for a visit to Dear Old SCOTLAND for a few weeks and and visit all the spots that have always been deep in my memory as the happiest days of my life and no doubt the same applies to you. What about Annette St. Scholl and Hucheson Town Scholl.

Although we used to scrap with each other about whose tie we were wearing at times and a lot of other petty things - we must both agree that as a family we had a very happy time together and a Good Mother & Dad who always did the best for us although we did not always see their way at the time . Yes, we have pleasant memories of happy School days, of Boys together and the happy memories of Boyhood is one of my most cherished thoughts today. 

Well I must close with all good wishes and love to all - and let us keep in touch with each other for the few remaining years we have is the sincerest wish of your Brother Dave.

I believe that David Adam passed away around 1948, in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile it would seem that David's first wife Annie MacKintosh Davidson had also emigrated. Initially at least she went to Canada as there is a record of their arrival in Canada in the passenger lists records -  Annie Macintosh Adam, aged: 36 and Doreen Isabell Adam, aged 10, arrived on 4 October 1925 in Quebec on board the SS Athenia. Although the passenger lists records her "Country of intended future permanent residence" as Canada I suspect she may have been bound for Chicago, Illinois as she had family there in the form of her brother Donald and sundry MacKintosh relatives.

Certainly by 1930 however she had crossed the border into the US and for the census of that year she was recorded living at 130 North Third Street, Chicago. It would seem she was keeping house for a Samuel G Johnson. She was recorded as Annie McIntosh Adam, Housekeeper, aged 40, born in Scotland, married at 22 but now divorced. Her daughter Doreen (Dorine) I. was also recorded a scholar, aged 14, born in Scotland. Their date of immigration into the US was given as 1925 (should have been 1925?).

Obituary - Chicago Tribune 7 May 1965 

John T. Smith Services for John T. Smith, 80, of 1626 Main Street, Evanston, a retired painter and decorator, will be held at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow in Hemenway Methodist Church, 933 Chicago Avenue, Evanston. He died in Evanston Hospital after a long illness. A native of Scotland, Mr Smith came to America in 1912 and had resided in Evanston since 1914. Survivors are his widow, Nan; two daughters, Mrs. Helen Smith Ingram of Evanston and Margaret Smith Avalon of Wilmette; a step-daughter Doreen Adam Hanck of Park Ridge; four grandchildren; and three greatgrandchildren.

Annie re-married probably sometime in the 1930's in Chicago to a John T. Smith, born on 9 January 1885 in West Benhar, near Shotts in Lanarkshire, Scotland, the son of Edward Smith, an iron miner, and Janet Thomson. John had originally ventured over to the US in 1912 before returning to Scotland to marry Helen Brown on 9 February 1914 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire The young couple returned to the US almost immediately after the wedding arriving on 3 March 1914 in New York on the SS Caledonia before moving on to settle in Evanston where they had two daughters Helen born in 1915 and Margaret born in 1920. Sadly by the census of 1930 it would seem Helen had passed away and John, a painter and decorator was left with his two young daughters Helen and Margaret. I have no record of John and Annie's marriage but the details of Annie second marriage are gleaned through John's obituary of May1967 (died 5 May 1967). It would seem from this that Annie was known in the family as Nan. Annie Smith formerly Adam nee Davidson died in August 1981 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.


On 22 March 1938 in Cook, Illinois, Annie's daughter by David Adam, Doreen I. Adam, married John T. Hanck, the son of Matthias William Hanck, a silversmith, and Elizabeth Griesser Schenk, born 7 Novemeber 1911 in Illinois.


In June 1957 Doreen set sail for the UK arriving on 24 June 1957 in Liverpool on the SS Empress of Britain. The  passenger manifest gives her date of birth as 21 August 1915, her occupation as "teacher", and her contact address in the UK as c\o Davidson 24 Waverley Street, Glasgow S.1. along with the fact that she was on a visit for 6-8 weeks. One assumes it was a return to the country of her birth to visit relatives in the UK including presumably the relatives of her mother amongst them the aforementioned Davidson of 24 Waverley Street, and to revisit the places that she would have remembered from her childhood over thirty years ago. I can vaguely remember a meeting an "Aunt Doreen" at a cottage near the beach at Seamill on the Ayrshire coast just north of Ardrossan. Doreen spent slightly longer than the anticipated 6-8 weeks in the UK as she is recorded sailing home from Greenock (just up the coast from Seamill!) on the SS Empress of Scotland on 19 August 1957. 


Doreen and her husband both lived on into their late eighties. Doreen passed away on 22 July 2000 in Woodstock, Mc Henry, Illinois, and a John Hanck on 2 January 2001 also in Woodstock, Mc Henry, Illinois. John Hanck's obituary in the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate (Illonois) of 11 January  2001 describes John as a "member of the U.S. Army Infantry during World War II. He was a retired president and general manager of United Motor Coach of Des Plaines and also past president of the Park Ridge Lions Club and the Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce." The obituary records his marriage of 62 years to Doreen and contains references to a sister and two sisters in law of John along with mention of "many nieces and nephews". There are no references to any children as Doreen and John did not have any offspring.

Note - 

James MacKintosh Davidson, a Railway Clerk, and Esther Waters were married in 1884 in Nairn, Nairnshire. They had at least 7 known children 

  • Isabella W. Davidson born in Wick, 1885
  • Alexander Davidson born 1886
  • Donald W. Davidson born on 14 Aug 1887 in Wick. Emigrated to US in 1908. Married Louise A. Johnson and died in May 1981 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Originally recorded in the US in the 1910 census living in the household of his father's cousin James D. MacIntosh (b 7 July 1849 in Fife, St Andrews, son of James MacKintosh and Agnes Oswald. (James MacKintosh was the son of Donald MacKintosh and Annie MacDonald and the brother of Donald's grandmother Anne MacKintosh.). Donald and Louise had two known daughters Jean Cormack Davidson born 5 Dec 1919 in Illinois - married Carl H. Stoor 18 Nov 1943 - Cook, Illinois, United States - died 30 April 1946 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, and Dorothy Waters Davidson born 29 March 1921 in Illinois, and died aged 8 on 8 August 1927, Highland Park, Lake, Illinois. 
  • Annie Davidson born on 28 June 1889 in Lower Dunbar Street, Pultneytown, Wick, Caithness.
  • James Douglas Davidson born in Wick, 1891, married Martha Reid Leitch 1919 in Lanarkshire - daughter Patricia Davidson m.Thomas Granger Smith 1950 Partick, Glasgow
  • Agnes May Davidson born in Wick, 1897, died 1976 in Glasgow. Married - Campbell
  • Catherine Waters Davidson born in Glasgow, 1901, died 1995 in Glasgow. Married twice - Moffat and Ogilvie
  • Esther Macbeath Davidson born in Glasgow, 1903. Died 1993 in Glasgow. Never married. Informant on both mother and father's death certificates.

James MacKintosh Davidson was born on 12 February 1861 , in Banff, Banffshire, the son of Donald Davidson, a master mariner, and Ann McIntosh who were married on 24 December 1851 Inverness. James died on 5 May 1935, aged 74. His address at the time was given as 14 Nethercliff Avenue, Netherlee, Busby, Renfrewshire, and the informant was E. M. Davidson, daughter. 

His father Donald Davidson was born about 1826 in the Gairloch / Poolewe area, the son of Roderick Davidson, a farmer and Jessie MacIntosh. Nor record of his birth has yet been found. His mother Annie MacIntosh was born 11 July 1827 Inverness, the daughter of Donald MacKintosh, one time Soldier and laterly General Merchant, and Annie MacDonald.

Esther McBeath Waters was born on 24 April 1859 in Wick, Caithness, the daughter of Donald Waters, a fish curer, and Isabella Levack who were married 26 March 1857, Wick. Esther died on 19 January 1950, aged 90. Her address at the time was given as 14 Linwood Avenue, Clarkston, Busby, Renfrewshire, and the informant was E. M. Davidson, daughter. 

Her father Donald Waters was born 22 Febuary 1831 and christened 8 April 1831 in Wick, Caithness, the son of Donald Waters and Mary Bremner. Her mother Isabella Levack was born 16 July 1835 Wick, Caithness, the daughter of David Levack and Esther McBeath.

Robina Adam, born on 6 December 1887 in Glasgow

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