Children of James Adam, a blacksmith \ coach smith, and Margaret Henderson

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Children of James Adam, a blacksmith \ coach smith, and Margaret Henderson who were married on 17 March 1833 in Stirling, Stirlingshire.

James Adam born about 1834 in Stirling, Stirlingshire.

James Adam, a Coach Smith, married Margaret Jack on 9 November 1860 in Duns, Berwickshire. James and Margaret  had the following children:

Jane and Margaret would seem to have had five other children post 1901. This is known due to the circumstances involving Robert's death on 23 July 1907 at the Stirling Quayside. (Usual Residence 13 Cowane Street, Stirling, Stirlingshire.) He was helping with the unloading of a cargo from his vessel, Naiad, at Stirling Quay when some of the cargo which he was helping to handle whilst it was being swung ashore by a crane fell and hit him on the head fracturing his skull and knocking him into the river. The Glasgow Herald of the following day carried a report of the accident and in this it states that he was "survived by a widow and six of a family".

The Glasgow Herald - 24 July 1907

The whereabouts of the widowed Jane and her family has not been identified for the census of 1911. The fact that her father James died only a couple of weeks after the census in William Simpson's Asylum, Plean, Stirling and his death was registered by W. T. McDonald, the house Governor, rather than Jane might suggest that she had moved away from the area prior to 1911. Jane herself died on 19 September 1939 in 21 Millar Place, Stirling, Stirlingshire.

For the 1901 census Janet and William were living at 91 Eastgate, Berwick on Tweed. (Ref: 1901 - Berwick Upon Tweed ), William was recorded as aged 29, a "Licensed Victualler" working on his own accord and born in Islington, London. Janet was recorded as aged 33, born in Wakefield Yorkshire. Included in the household was their daughter Margaret A. aged 3, born in Stirling, Stirlingshire

For the 1911 census Janet was recorded living at Tournay Road, Fulham, London. (Ref: London - 1911). Janet J was identified as married and head of the Household as her husband William was absent. Janet was listed as aged 44 and born in Wakefield Yorkshire. Included in the household were their three daughters; - Margaret Ann aged 13, a scholar born in Stirling, Scotland; Janet Francis aged 9, born in Fulham, London; Alice Beatrice aged 7, born in Fulham, London.

William died on 27 October 1947 in Fulham Hospital, although his usual address was 7 Molesford Road, Parsons Green, London (Ref: Fulham Vol 5c Page 77).  Janet died in the January - March quarter of 1951 in Ealing, London (Ref: Ealing Vol 5e Page 24). 

Although James and Janet were married in Dunse, Berwickshire, and their first child was also born there in 1862 it would seem that sometime in the followng two or three years they had moved to Yorkshire as this was were there next two children were born Margaret Ann Adam born in 1865 in Hunslet, West Yorkshire and Janet Jack Adam born in 1867 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

However by the the census of 1871 James and his family had not only returned to Scotland but also up into the highlands near Aberdeen as they were recorded as living at 3 Gilcomston, Old Machar, Aberdeenshire. (Ref: 1871 - Old Machar - 168-2 - Enumerator District 7 - Page 8). James was identified as aged 37, a "Coach Smith", born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, and Margaret as aged 35, born in Dunse, Berwickshire. Also recorded in the household were their three children: - Jane Lindsay Adam, aged 8, a "Scholar" and born in Dunse, Berwickshire; Margaret, aged 5, a Scholar, born in Yorkshire, England; Janet, aged 4, born in Yorkshire, England.

For the census of 1881 James was living at 20 Wood Market, Kelso, Roxburghshire. (Ref: 1881 - Kelso - 793 - Enumerator District 12 - Page 17). James was identified as aged 44, a "Coach Smith", born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, and Margaret as aged 41, born in Dunse, Berwickshire. Only their youngest child, Janet was recorded in the house, aged 18, born in England and working as a  Messenger. Their eldest daughter Jane Lindsay Adam was recorded in the household of her maternal grandmother Margaret Adam, nee Henderson, aged 18, working as a "Domestic Servant" and born in Dunse, Berwickshire. No obvious record of Margaret, their second child has been found.

Margaret Adam, nee Jack, died on 4 April 1892 in 33 Horsemarket, Kelso, Roxburghshire.

For the census of 1911 James was recorded as an inmate of the William Simpson's Asylum in Plean, Stirlingshire. aged 77, a "Coach Smith", born in Stirling, Stirlingshire

Only two weeks after the census James Adam died on 23 April 1911 in William Simpson's Asylum, Plean, Stirlingshire.

Janet Adam born about 1836 in Stirling, Stirlingshire. 

With her parents for the 1851 census aged 15, Nothing further known.

Robert Adam born about 1838 in Stirling, Stirlingshire.

Robert Adam was born about 1838 in Stirling, Stirlingshire. Robert, a Cork Manufacturer & China Merchant, married Jane McNab daughter of James McNab and Margaret Walker on 25 June 1861 in Logie Perthshire. Jane was christened on 9 July 1833 in St Ninian's, Stirling, Stirlingshire. Robert and Jane had the following known children:

For the census of 1911 Margaret and Charles were living at 93 Newton Street, Greenock, where Charles was the "Minister of the United Free Church". (Ref: 1911 - Greenock - 564/2 - Ennumerator District 27 - Page 1). Margaret was identified as aged 46, born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, with Charles aged 50, born in Mearns, Renfrewshire. The house had 9 rooms with more than one window, and the couple were recorded as having been married for 18 years with 3 children all of whom were surviving. Two of Margaret and Charles's three children, George Waldo aged 16, Robert Adam, aged 12, were listed in the household, both identified as "Scholars" and born in Hawick, Roxburghshire. Also included with the family were Charles's father aged 76, a "Retired Stationer", born in St Ninian's, Stirlingshire as well as a "General Domestic Servant" Margaret Rodger aged 37, born in Old Monkland, Lanarkshire.


Margaret died on 20 August 1929 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, and Charles died on 23 Mar 1940 in Mearns, Renfrewshire.  Both are commemorated on a Adam \ Allan headstone in Ballengeich Cemetery Stirling.

In 1865 Robert Adam, Corkcutter, was voted in as a director of the Midland Property Investment Society. This information is included in an article in the The Stirling Observer of 26 January 1865 concerning a meeting of the group in "Hendry's Star Hotel". In itself this is of interest suggesting as at aged only 27 it would suggest that Robert was already considered worthy of being elected as a Director. However what is also significant is the other director who was chosen to serve alongside Robert i.e. Ebenezer Hendry, Star Hotel. 50 years later my grandfather John Williamson Hendry was to marry a Robina Adam in Glasgow.

The Stirling Observer of 26 January 1865

It would seem reasonable to assume that their liaison was a result of links between the two families that stretched back to at least the time that Robertand Ebenezer were working together as directors. However it seems highly likely that the links went back earlier that this as Robert's father, James Adam was a local Blacksmith \ Coachsmith. The same age as Ebenezer Hendry, although born in Glasgow, James had lived in Stirling from his early twenties, and taking into account Ebenezer's coaching\hostelry background and businesses it is more than reasonable to assume they were acquainted.

However obviously there had to be a link between Robert Adam and Robina Adam for John and Robina to have become acquanted through this Hendry \ Adam friendship. This confirms my research which shows them to have a common ancestors in James Adam, a Blacksmith, and Jean Kemp who lived in Dailly, Ayrshire in the latter quarter of the 18th century. This couple were Robert's grandparents and Robina's G G grandparents making Robina Robert's 2nd cousins 1 time removed

For the census 1881 Robert and Jane were residing at: 45 King St., Stirling, Stirlingshire, (Ref; 1881 - Stirling - 490 - Enumerator District 5 - Page 5). Robert was recorded as aged 43 born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, a "Cork Manufacturer Employing 20 Hands", and Jane recorded as aged 46, born in Stirling, Stirlingshire. Three of their children were listed in the household with them; - Margaret aged 16, born in Stirling, Stirlingshire; Robert aged 11, a "Scholar", born in Stirling, Stirlingshire; George aged 7 a "Scholar", born in Stirling, Stirlingshire. Their eldest son was recorded in the household of Robert's younger brother George and his family in Glasgow. It is believed that their daughter Janet missing from this census died in infancy.

Some time between this 1881 census and 1886 Robert seems to have diversified into the fine China and Porcelain business as he is listed in the Stirlingshire Directory for 1886-87 as not only a Cork Manufacturer at 45 King Street, Stirling, but also as having a China and Glass Deport at 21 Port Street, Stirling, with a branch in Bridge of Allan in Henderson Street.



Listing for Robert Adam's China and Glass Depot

in Stirling and Bridge of Allan from the Stirlingshire 

Directory for 1886-87




Robert Adam's Advert for his China and Glass Depot

in Stirling and Bridge of Allan from the Stirlingshire 

Directory for 1886-87

Robert Adam's Advert for his China and Glass Depot

in Stirling and Bridge of Allan from the Stirlingshire 

Directory for 1893-94, including a reference to his 

Cork Manufactory in Lower Craigs Stirling.

The Stirling Directory of 1913 also included an image of one of the show rooms


Robert died on 19 August 1899 in Stirling, Stirlingshire.

For the census of 1911 the widowed Jane was living at 11 Royal Gardens, Stirling. (Ref: 1911 - Stirling - 490 Emmumerator District 4 - Page 4). Jane was recorded as aged 74, born in Stirling, Stirlingshire and living on "Private Means". Also included in the household was Mary Wright aged 50, also born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, and employed as a "General Domestic Servant". The house was described as having 8 rooms with more than one window,

Jane died on 20 February 1923 in Stirling, Stirlingshire. Both were commemorated on a headstone in the Mar and Valley cemetery, Stirling, Stirlingshire.

It would seem the Ghina and Glassware business continued under George their son and after his demise in 1916 under his wife Jeanie Inglis as it is  listed in in the Edinburgh and Leith Directories up until her death in 1927 when it disappears.

Allison Adam born about 1840 in Stirling, Stirlingshire. 

Alice died on 5 July 1869 in Stirling, Stirlingshire. Commemorated on a headstone in the Mar and Valley cemetery, Stirling, Stirlingshire.

George Adam born about 1842 in Stirling, Stirlingshire. 

George Adam was born about 1842 in Stirling, Stirlingshire. George married Mary Brown daughter of James Brown and Jean Scott on 13 November 1868 in Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Mary was born about 1845 in Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire. George and Mary had the following known children:

For the census of 1881 George, his wife and family were living at 69 Hyndland St, Govan, Lanarkshire. (Ref 1881 - Govan 646/2 - Enumerator District 21 - Page 53). George was recorded as aged 39, a "Blacksmith Employing 4 Men & 2 Boys", born in Stirling, Stirling with his wife Mary identified as aged 35, born in Kirkintillock, Dunbartonshire. George and Mary's  four surviving children were included with their parents: - James aged 8, a Scholar, born in Partick, Lanarkshire; George aged 4, born in Partick, Lanarkshire; Alice aged 2, born in Partick, Lanarkshire; Robert aged 8 months, born in Partick, Lanarkshire. I suspect the two younger children may died in infancy? Also included in the household was James Adam, the son of George' brother Robert Adam and his wife Jane McNab. James was listed as aged 18, born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, an "Arts Student at Glasgow University".

The following information was found on the web seemingly transcribed from an index of West End of Glasgow firms. (

Index of Firms 1888 - George Adam George Adam, Smith and Ornamental Ironworker, Walker Street, Partick.

The trade of ornamental ironworker, as prosecuted by Mr. George Adam, may be tardy in growth, but it is assuredly developing into widespread popularity. Mr. Adam was established in 1867 in Partick, in the capacity of smith and ornamental ironworker, and has occupied these present premises for twelve years. They consist of a building of two flats, the ground flat being devoted to the forging and the upper flat to the fitting and finishing of the work. Everything is produced here in the shape of fancy and ornamental wrought-iron goods — gates, railings, church-door hinges, vanes, cemetery enclosures, &c., &c., and the designs, as a rule, are very artistic. Mr. Adam has a very large connection in these articles, and has done very extensive work all over the country, with private gentlemen’s houses, university gates and railings, churches, cemeteries, &c., and has contracts with architects in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and all the principal towns in Scotland. He is an exhibitor at the Glasgow International Exhibition, where some very fine specimens of his workmanship are to be seen.

Mr. Adam has proved himself to be a man of first-rate abilities, and the conspicuous success he has achieved is well merited.

In 1899 George's Ironworks provided some of the metal work for the Glasgow School of Art designed bt Charles Rennie Mackintosh.. This work resulted in his firms inclusion in a web site dedicated to Mackintosh architecture viz:

Transcript from the MacKintosh Architecture Website - Glasgow University

George Adam & Son - Ironworkers

George Adam (1842–1933) was a blacksmith who established his firm around 1874, appearing first  in the Glasgow Post Office Directory in Partick, Glasgow. By 1891, he had moved to Finnieston and  had added 'wrought-iron ornamental work' to his repertoire. 

By 1896, Adam's eldest son, James, had joined the firm, when it became George Adam & Son. At  this time the work the firm was additionally described as 'art metal works' and now also undertook " 'gates, railings, roofing, casements etc." In 1897, they carried out metal work for William Leiper's  additions to Skelmorlie United Presbyterian Church.

By 1901, Adam's third son, Robert, was also working as a blacksmith, probably for his father; the  firm name remained George Adam & Son. By 1905, they had moved to new premises at Waldo  Street, Temple. The firm's ambitions may however have exceeded their income: in 1909, their forge,  buildings, machinery and tools were all for sale. The sale notice remarked that they had had 'a good 
connection amongst architects and builders'.

Click here for an image of a receipt to the Governors of the Glasgow School of Art from George Adam & Sons for various items of iron work -, railings, finials, lamp brackets etc.

For the census of 1911 George and Mary were living at 34 Ancaster Gardens, Partick, Glasgow. (Ref: 1911 - Partick - 644/12 - Enumerator District - 19 - Page 14). George was recorded a "Retired Blacksmith", aged 69, and born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, with Jeanie identified as aged 66, born in Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire. The house was listed as 8 rooms with more than one window, and the couple were recorded as having been married for 42 years having had 9 children 4 of whom were deceased. Four of the five surviving children were included in the household: - James aged 38, a "Clerk - Smith Work", born in Partick, Lanarkshire; George aged 35, a "Coal Salesman", born in Partick, Lanarkshire; Robert aged 30, a "Coal Salesman", born in Partick, Lanarkshire; Mary aged 28, born in Partick, Lanarkshire.

Mary Adam, nee Brown, died on 17 March 1920 in 34 Ancaster Drive, Hillhead, Glasgow born in Partick, Lanarkshire. George died on 24 October 1933 in Sunnylaw, Bearsden, Dunbrtonshire.  As it would appear that none of their children married this family line died out with demise of Mary on 7 May 1971.