GLEN - At Glasgow the 19th May 1840. Compeared Charles Cassils, Writer, Glasgow, and gave in this inventory to be recorded whereof the tenor follows.

Inventory of the Personal Estate of the deceased Alexander Glen Vintner in Glasgow who died on the 24th day of April 1840, with Interest due on Principal Sums at that date, given up by Alexander Adam Surgeon in Glasgow, John McLaren Agent there, John Paul Glen Surgeon there and William Elliot Tavern Keeper there, the only acting Trustees and Executors of the said defunct, conform to Trust Disposition and Deed of Settlement by the defunct in favor of the said parties, and of John McKechnie Confectioner in Glasgow who has declined to Act, dated the 27th day of March 1840.

1. Cash found in the House 5.--.--.

Principal sum at the Credit of the defunct, in Account with the Glasgow Ship Bank

Interest thereon to 24 April 1840 6. 8.10 131.8.10.

Principal sum in obligation granted by the Faculty of Medicine in Glasgow to the deceased dated 15th May 1833


Interest thereon from the 15th day of May 1839 to 24 April 1840 = 345 days

3.15. 7 83.15. 7.

Principal sum in Bill dated 28th March 1836 drawn by the deceased upon and accepted by Stephen Miller Brass Founder Glasgow payable 12 mts after date


interest thereon from the 31st March to 24th April 1840 = 24 days --.

1 6.10. 105. 6.10.

Principal sum in Bill dated 14 June 1838 drawn by the deceased upon and accepted by Robert Balloch. Farmer at Ascog, Isle of Bute, payable one day after date


Interest thereon from the 17th day of June 1839 to 24th April 1840 = 312 days

2. 2. 9. 52. 2. 9.
6. Value of 45 Silver Coins weighing 9 ounces at 5/- 2. 5.--.

Value of 2 3/4 shares of the Capital Stock of the Glasgow and Londonderry Steam Packet Company at 70 per share


The deceased Household Furniture, Bed and Table linen, Plate, Stock in Trade etc. in his House valued by Robert Hamilton, Appraiser in Glasgow conform to Inventory and Appraisement dated 5th May 1840

103. 2.10.
9. Rents of Heritable Property due at Whit'y 1840 33.10. .
Value of the deceased Estate in Scotland 709.1.10.

At Glasgow the 19th day of May 1840 years In presence of Henry Glassford Bell Esquire Advocate Commissary Depute of Lanarkshire Appeared John Paul Glen Surgeon Glasgow eldest son and one of the Executors of the deceased Alexander Glen Vintner in Glasgow who being solemnly sworn and examined Depones that the said Alexander Glen died upon the 24th day of April last, and the Deponent has entered upon the possession and management of the deceased personal estate, along with the said Alexander Adam, John McLaren and William Elliot as executors nominated by him in a Trust Disposition and Deed of Settlement in favor of them of the Deponent and of the said John McKechnie, who has declined to act, executed by the Burgh Court Books of Glasgow on the second day of May current an Extract of which Trust Disposition and Deed of Settlement is now exhibited and signed by the Deponent and the said Commissary Depute of this date as relative hereto. That the Deponent does not know of any Settlement or Writing relative to the Disposal of the deceaseds personal Estate or Effects or any part of them, other than now exhibited. That the foregoing Inventory which is signed by the Deponent and the said Commissary Depute as relative hereto, is a full and true Inventory of all the personal or moveable Estate and Effects of the deceased Alexander Glen, Wherever situated, already recovered, or known to be existing be longing or due to him beneficially at the time of his death, and that the value of the said Estate situated in Scotland is of the value of 600 and under the value of 800 Sterling All of which is the truth as the Deponent shall answer to God

(signed) J.P.Glen Henry Glassford Bell Com. Dep.

Confirmed 22 May 1840


1. Values in Pounds, Shillings, and Pence.

2. Price of silver = 5 shillings per ounce.

3. The same names as two of the Executors of this will, are also appended as witnesses to the Registration of some of Alexander Williamson and Jean Glen's children who were born during their sojourn at the King's Arms Inn in Glasgow (1842-54).

A William Elliot appears as witness to the Registration of the births of Margaret Williamson on 15th March 1843, Agnes Williamson on 6th October 1844, Jane Elliot Williamson on 18th July 1848, Helen Williamson on 3rd July 1852, and John Williamson on 4th February 1854.

A John McLaren appears as witness to the Registration of the birth of John Powers Williamson on 9th October 1850.