Elizabeth Young ?Rutherford? and her mother Barbara Potts Young.

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On the question of the parentage of Elizabeth Young Rutherford, Rachel Grieve's mother, we run into a problem. We know, from her later death certificate, that her mother was Barbara Potts Young, but the name of her father is not recorded. Instead the certificate records that Barbara Potts Young was "later married to William Martin". (See following)

It may also be significant that although recorded as Elizabeth Young Rutherford at the time of her marriages, Elizabeth is recorded on her children's later birth\marriage\death records sometimes with the maiden surname Rutherford i.e Elizabeth Young Grieve MS Rutherford and at other times simply with the maiden surname Young with no mention of Rutherford i.e. Elizabeth Grieve MS Young.

Child Record  Mother's name 
Barbara (1853) Birth  Elizabeth Young Rutherford 
Rachel (1855) Birth  Elizabeth Young 
Michael (1858) Birth  Elizabeth Young Rutherford 
Elizabeth (1861) Birth Elizabeth Young Rutherford 
Alexander (1868) Birth Elizabeth Young 
Rachel (1855) Marriage Elizabeth Young 
Barbara (1853) Death Elizabeth Young 
Rachel (1855) Death Elizabeth Young 
Elizabeth (1861) Death Elizabeth Young Rutherford 
Alexander (1868) Death Elizabeth Young

A record of the birth of Elizabeth Young Rutherford to Barbara Potts Young and a Mr Rutherford has not been found, nor any record of a marriage of Barbara Potts Young to a Mr. Rutherford. Neither has any record of the birth of an Elizabeth Young to a Barbara Potts Young. The evidence suggests that Elizabeth was born "out of wedlock" and the sporadic use of the surname Rutherford may possibly suggest the father was a Mr. Rutherford but ..???

As to when Elizabeth Young Rutherford was born, from her age given in various records, we can say she was born 1835/36. As to where, her place of birth is variously given as, Hawick in the 1881 census, Lilliesleaf in the 1851, and 1871 censuses, Ancrum in the 1891 and 1901 censuses, and Crailing in the 1861 census and on the 1855 birth certificate of her daughter, Rachel. On balance Lilliesleaf or Crailing would seem to be most likely, although Ancrum provides a nice compromise! As stated previously, no record of the birth has been found in the registers of either parish.

To sum up the facts, Elizabeth Young Rutherford was born in 1835/36, probably in Lilliesleaf or Crailing parish, to Barbara Potts Young and possibly ????????? Rutherford.

The first possible record of both mother and daughter is in the census of 7th June 1841 for Lilliesleaf.

1841 Census (7th. June) Lilliesleaf (795) Book 1. Page 5.

Lilliesleaf Village.

Name Age Occupation Born in County
Walter Young 75 Kirk officer Yes
RobinaYoung 75   Yes
BarbaraYoung 25   Yes
WalterYoung 7   Yes
ElizabethYoung 5   Yes

**In 1841 censuses all ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5 - e.g.. 50 could be anything from 50 -> 54, and no relationships were given.

This maybe Barbara Potts Young, living with a son, Water, and her daughter, Elizabeth. As relationships are not given in the 1841 census, it cannot be ascertained what relationship the Walter and Robina Young, both aged 75, also recorded in the household, are to Barbara, but taking into account their ages and the fact that Barbara's later death certificate gives her parent's names as Walter and Mina, it may be that this Walter and Robina are in fact her grandparents. Equally the Mina on the death certificate could be a mis-recording of Robina, or the Robina in this census could be a mis-recording of Mina, and they are in fact her parents. If this census is our Barbara Potts Young, the facts that she is living with her parents, using her maiden name, and that there is no record of a Mr. Rutherford, would suggest he died between 1836, (birth of Elizabeth), and 1841.

The first certain record we have of both mother and daughter is the census of 31st March 1851, when we find them living in High Street, Hawick, with Barbara's second husband William Martin, whom she married on 7th June 1850, in Hawick.

William and Barbara had three known children:

In the census of 1851 the Mary Eliza, aged 10 and Janet Nisbet, aged 5 were William Martin's daughters by his previous marriage to Mary Arkle MacDonald who he had married on 26th May 1839 in Wilton parish. (For further details of William Martin's previous marriage and children - Click here) Mary Eliza was baptised 1st August 1840 in Wilton , and Janet Nisbet was baptised 3rd August 1845 in Wilton. William and Mary had at least a further three children whose baptisms were recorded in Wilton : William baptised 3rd April 1844, Robert MacDonald baptised 29th April 1844, and a further William baptised 20th June 1847. I would assume the first William probably died in infancy, but whether this also applied to Robert and the second William who are not recorded in the 1851 census I do not know. It would seem likely and it may well have been the birth of the second William that "did for" his mother. They may of course have been simply staying with relatives. Elizabeth R(utherford)., who is listed as a "step-daughter" is of course our Elizabeth Rutherford, Barbara’s daughter by ?????????. Wilhemenia Stewart*, aged six months, is the daughter of William and Barbara, born 29th September 1850 in Wilton. Calling this daughter would add weight to her mother, Barbara Potts Young being the daughter of a Wilhemenia Stewart, with this daughter having been called after her maternal grandmother and Barbara Potts Young's mother. Although no record of their marriage has yet been found presumably William and Barbara "became an item" sometime between 1848 and 1850

1851 Census (31st. March) Hawick (789) Book 6. Page 8.

High Street, Hawick.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
William Martin Head 34 Dresser of woollen hosiery Wilton, Roxburghshire
Barbara Martin Wife 31   Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire
Mary E. Martin Daughter 10 Scholar Wilton, Roxburghshire
Janet Martin Daughter 5   Wilton, Roxburghshire
Wilhemenia Martin Daughter 6mths   Hawick, Roxburghshire
Elizabeth Rutherford Step-Daughter 14 Feeder of woollens Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire

For the census of 8th. April 1861 Barbara Potts Young and William Martin were still living in the High Street in Hawick, having had a further two children, Margaret Catherine, born on 4th May 1852, and William Walter, born on 27th May 1854, both born in Hawick

1861 Census () Hawick (789) Book 17. Page 19.

29 High Street, Hawick.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
William Martin Head 44 Woollen warehouseman Wilton, Roxburghshire
Barbara Martin Wife 44   Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire
Jessie Martin Daughter 15 Woollen mill worker Wilton, Roxburghshire
Mina S. Martin Daughter 10 Scholar Hawick, Roxburghshire
Margaret Martin Daughter 8 Scholar Hawick, Roxburghshire,
William Martin Son 6 Scholar Hawick, Roxburghshire,

For the census of 3rd. April 1871 William and Barbara had moved to Waverley Terrace in Hawick, where they continued to live until Barbara's death, aged 63, on 11th May 1879.

1871 Census () Hawick (789) Book 1. Page 28.

4 Waverley Terrace, Hawick.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
William Martin Head 54 Woollen warehouseman Wilton, Roxburghshire
Barbara Martin Wife 54   Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire
Jessie N. Martin Daughter 25 Woollen picker & mender Wilton, Roxburghshire
Mina S. Martin Daughter 20 Woollen power loom weaver Hawick, Roxburghshire
Margaret R. Martin Daughter 18 Woollen power loom weaver Hawick, Roxburghshire
William Martin Son 16 Wool sorter Hawick, Roxburghshire

As previously mentioned Barbara Potts Young's death certificate give her parents' names as Walter Young, a shoemaker, and Mina (Wilhemenia ?) Stewart. Using the census identifications of her place of birth, and taking the age stated on her death certificate as being correct, Barbara Potts Young was born in 1816/17 in Lilliesleaf parish, to Walter Young, a shoemaker, and Mina Stewart. As of yet no record of this birth, nor of the parents marriage, has been found to substantiate these details.