The Hendrys and the Glasgow Highlanders

 Col. J. M. Gordon Hendry

Having been an officer cadet during his time at Glasgow High School my father joined the Territorial Army in 1938 being commissioned into the Glasgow Highlanders, as his father before him. Called up for active service in the September of 1939, he was with the battalion during its brief sortie into France in 1940 before returning to the UK to train in anticipation of the time when they could return to Europe.

Much of their time thereafter was spent in the Cairngorms engaged in Mountain Warfare training in preparation for an invasion of Norway. I suspect it was at this time that he met my mother a Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nurse.  Eventually, and somewhat ironically after the mountain warfare training, the battalion eventually returned to action in the flat lands of Flanders and as part of the force involved in the Walcheren landings.  His war diaries then record the inexorable push up into Germany, the final defeat of Germany, and the battalion's role as part of the army of occupation. 

On cessation of hostilities he remained with the Battalion as part of the Army of Occupation and presumably at least partly due to his brief legal training he was given the duty of presiding over a "Summary Military Court"" for the area under the 52nd Lowland Division.

He was one of the first officers to rejoin the battalion on the reconstruction of the Territorial Army after the war, and ultimately commanded the Glasgow Highlanders from 1955 to 1958.

After reliquishing the the command of the Glasgow Highlangers he was promoted to full Colonel and appointed as Deputy Commander of the Scottish Beach brigade. 

As a boys I remember the campaign to try and preseve the regiment's existance which finally came to and end in 1967 when the battalion laid up its colours and was amalgamated with the other TA battalions of Regiments as part of the Lowland Brigade of the newly formed Territorial Army and Volunteer Reserve.

As stated on the home page he told me little of his wartime experiences and it was only after his death that I discovered the two documents - a history of the Battalion during 1939 - 1945 and his own personal War Diaries for 1944 - 1945 - which I have made available below.

Note = You will require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (freely available on the web). The files are quite large and may take a few minutes to download and open. I hope they may be of interest. Please feel free to provide comments by using the contact form accessible from the home page.

    The War Diaries of Major J M G Hendry 1944 - 1945    

Volume 1 -

Sp Coy War Diary 17 Oct 1944-6 Jan 1945 - Vol 1

Volume 11 -

Sp Coy War Diary 6 Jan 1945-11 Mar 1945 - Vol 11

Volume 111

War Diary (Contd.) 12 Mar 19455 May 1945 - Vol 111

Volume 1V -

War Diary 6 May 1945-24 Jun 1945 - Vol 1V

Order of battle for Support Company commanded by Capt. J. M. G. Hendry I believe just prior to Walcheren Assault.

Original -

Original Document - Order of battle for Support Company

Transcript -

Transcript of the Order of battle for Support Company

History of the 1st Btn Glasgow Highlanders H.L.I. 1939 - 1945 - writen by himself and his great friend Lt. Col. Leonard Dickson


A brief reference to the past history of the Glasgow Highlanders

Chapter I

Embodiement and Mobilisation

Chapter II

The B.E.F. - 1940

Chapter III

East Anglia - June to November 1940.

Chapter IV

The Years of Waiting November 1940 - August 1942

Chapter V

Training for Mountain Warfare August 1942 - May 1944

Chapter VI

Other Roles

Chapter VII

Overseas Again

Chapter VIII

In the Lines

Chapter IX

Operation Blackcock

Chapter X

From the Maas to the Rhine

Chapter XI

Over the Rhine

Chapter XII


Chapter XIII


Additional Glasgow Highlanders WW2 Information.

The Glasgow Highlander - A weekly newspaper produced by the education department through their private printing press. This provided the news and gossip of the battalion whist it remained in Germany after the Armistice as part of the Allied army of occupation.

Vol 1 No. 13 -

The Glasgow Highlander - 24 December 1945

Xmas -

The Glasgow Highlander Xmas Supplement 1945

Vol 2 No 1 -

The Glasgow Highlander - 5 January 1946

Vol 2 No 2 -

The Glasgow Highlander - 12 January 1946

Vol 2 No 3 -

The Glasgow Highlander - 19 January 1946

Vol 2 No 4 -

The Glasgow Highlander - 26 January 1946

Vol 2 No 5 -

The Glasgow Highlander - 2 February 1946

A booklet, with a supplementary map, recording the path taken by the 1st Battalion The Glasgow Highlanders H.L.I. from October 1944 to May 1945 - produced by the Battalion's Education Departmant.

Mountain -

The 1st Battalion The Glasgow Highlanders H.L.I.

Supplementary Map -

The 1st Battalion The Glasgow Highlanders H.L.I.

Booklet for the 20th anniversary of the Clearing of the Scheldt Estuary - Walcheren and South Beveland.

Walcheren and South Beveland 20th Anniversary Booklet -


Booklet for the 20th anniversary of the Clearing of the Scheldt Estuary by 52n Lowland Division and 4 Special Service Brigade - Walcheren and North and South Beveland.

Program for the 20th anniversary visit to Walcheren those troops involved in its liberation.

Walcheren 1964 Anniversary Program -

The 1st Battalion The Glasgow Highlanders H.L.I. and others. With photographs of "then" and "now"

"Bits and Bobs"

A potted history of the Glasgow Highlanders

A brief history of the Glasgow Highlanders from 1868 up to about 1958 - J M G Hendry


Menu Front

Autographed Menu for the Carluke Branch of the British Legion Diner 7th July 1956 - held in honour of the town's V.C.s

Menu Back -

  • Commander Donald Cameron V.C. R.N. (22nd September 1943 - Tirpitz attack)
  •  Coroporal William Angus V.C. 8th (Lanark) Battalion H.L.I. (13th June 1915, Givenchy)
  •  Sergeant Thomas Caldwell V.C. 12th Battalion. Royal Scots Fusiliers. (31st October 1918, Audenarde)

    The beginnings of the Glasgow Highlanders -

    Extract from "The Pibroch" Volume 1 Number. 1 - 20th December 1895


    The 52nd Division's Operations - North bank of the Scheldt Estuary -

    Brief Notes of the 52nd Division's Operations in clearing the North bank of the Scheldt Estuary - Notes for a talk by Major J M G Hendry 1948


    The "Seaborn Echelon" of the 52nd Division - September-October 1944 -

    Notes on the "Seaborn Echelon" of the 52nd Division - September-October 1944 - Memories and Impressions by Brigadier James Russell.


    A Corner of Pakistan in Scotland -

    "A Corner of Pakistan in Scotland" - The story of Force K6, the Indian Contingent of the Royal Indian Army Service Corps in Europe from 1939 to 1944, with particular reference to its time in Scotland 1942/43 when they spent time training alongside the Glasgow Highlanders in the highlands of Scotland. Told in two articles published in the Highland Family History Society Journal, 2012