Further details of Maud Dyer the natural daughter of Maria Dyer.

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As previously stated Maud Dyer was the daughter of Maria Dyer born 8th October 1869 in Jones Street, Newport. The certificate gives no father’s name and as there is no record of a marriage one must assume Maud was a "natural" daughter. For the 1871 census she appears with her mother and grandparents at 48 Jones Street.

1871 Census (3rd April) Newport RG10/5348 Folio 41 Book 25 Page 31

48 Jones Street, St Wollos, Newport

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Samuel Dyer Head 55 Joiner Otterhampton, Somerset
Sarah Dyer Wife 53   Jersey, Channel Isles
Ann Dyer Daughter 27 Nurse Wellington, Somerset
Maria Dyer Daughter 26 Domestic Servant Wellington, Somerset
Henry Dyer Son 20 Tin Plate Worker Wellington, Somerset
Samuel Dyer Son 18 Joiner Wellington, Somerset
Maud Dyer Granddaughter 1   Newport, Monmouthshire
Maria Chester Nurse Child 6 months   Plumstead, Kent

It would seem that when Maria, her mother, went off with Daniel Dart, wee Maud stayed behind. Whether she stayed behind or was left behind I doubt we will ever know. For the censuses of 1881 and 1891 Maud was in the household of her Aunt Elisheba and her husband Fitzroy Silverthorn, with their family. Whether this was a permanent arrangement or whether she just happened to be staying with them at the time of these censuses is unknown, but the former would seem more likely.

1881 Census (4th April) Risca RG11/5270 Folio 118 Book 13 Page 34

Pontywain, Risca, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Fitzroy Silverthorn Head 27 Shoe Maker Tomarton, Gloucester
Elizabeth Silverthorn Wife 37 Dressmaker Wellington, Somerset
Arthur J. Silverthorn Son 5 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
Henry C. Silverthorn Son 3   Newport, Monmouthshire
Frederick N. Silverthorn Son 2 months   Newport, Monmouthshire
Maud Dyer Niece 11 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire

For the census of 1891 Maud was still living in Risca with her Aunt Elisheba Fitzroy.

1891 Census (6th April) Risca RG12/4380 Folio 51 Book 16 Page 13

Main Road, Risca, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Fitzroy Silverthorn Head 37 Boot Manufacturer Tomarton, Gloucester
Elizabeth A. Silverthorn Wife 47   Wellington, Somerset
Henry C. Silverthorn Son 13 Carpenter’s Apprentice Risca, Monmouthshire
Frederick N. Silverthorn Son 10 Scholar Risca, Monmouthshire
Maud Dyer Niece (Married) 22 General Servant (Dom.) Newport, Monmouthshire

On 19 April 1897 Maud married a Peter Caddick in the parish of Leesfield, in Lancashire. The certificate records Peter as aged 40, widowed, a labourer, living at Turf Pitts, the son of George Caddick. Maud is recorded as aged 28, a spinster, also resident in Turf Pits, the daughter of Frederick Dyer. The witnesses were Henry Caddick and Mary Annie Caddick**  I am certain that this Peter Caddick was actually born 1843 Coseley, Sedgley, Staffordshire, son of George Caddick and Jane Littlehales which would make him about 53, making him even older than Maud than this record suggests. We know Maud's mother was Maria  Dyer, and no fathers name is given on her birth certificate so it would seem that Maud's father's name is a fiction, using the name of her uncle, but...?. (** This  Henry and Mary Ann Caddick were almost certainly Henry Caddick and his wife Mary Ann Peatman (marrid 9 March 1890, Ardwick, Manchester), with Henry Caddick almost certainly being the son of Peter's eldest brother George, who had married Elizabeth Hadley (married 13 April 1857). So Henry was Peter's nephew.)

Over the next couple of years Maud and Peter had two sons, George born 15 Mar 1898 and baptised 11 May 1898, Leesfield, Lancashire and Jonah, born 17 March 1899, Pitses, Knotts Lane, Ashton under Lyne and and baptised 9 Nov 1899, Leesfield,​ Lancashire.

However at the time of the 1901 census Maud was included in her Uncle Henry Dyer's household at 45 Pickford Street, Stretford, Lancashire........

1901 Census (1st April) Stretford RG13/3667 Folio 48 Book 24 Page 37.

45 Pickford Street, Stretford, Lancashire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Henry Dyer Head 50 Tinplate worker Wellington, Somerset
Sarah Dyer Wife 39   Heaton Mersey, Lancashire
Julia Dyer Daughter 16 Cigar Maker Cheadle, Cheshire
Ernest F. Dyer Son 12   Stretford, Lancashire
Jessie Dyer Daughter 9   Manchester, Lancashire
Maud Caddick Niece 30 Cotton Cop Winder Newport, Monmouthshire

....and husband, Peter, is at home with the family at Pitses in the parish of Alt. The fact that Peter's age was inaccurate on his marriage certificate of four years earlier is highlighted by the fact that his age in this census 50. However it is still wrong he would have been about 57. 

1901 Census (1st April) Alt RG13/3780 Folio 90 Book ?? Page 17.

Pitses Turf Pits, Alt, Lancashire (4 rooms)

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Peter Caddick Head 50 Labourer in Bleachfield Sedgley, Staffordshire
George Caddick Son 3   Oldham, Lancashire
Jonah Caddick Son 2   Oldham, Lancashire

Ten years later the census of 1911 suggests that Maud's inclusion in the household of her Uncle Henry Dyer for the 1901 census may not have just been a visit. For this census what Maud was working as a General Servant in the household of a Fred Hilton, an estate agent, at St Annes on the Sea, and described herself as married for fourteen years having produced two children both who are still living, which fits what is already known.

1911 Census (2 April) St Annes on the Sea

10 St Georges Square, St Annes on Sea, Lancashire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Fred Hilton Head 48 Estate Agent Manchester, Lancashire
Mary Alice Hilton Wife - 20 years 48   Portrush, County Antrim
Dorothy Valentine Hilton Daughter 20   Manchester, Lancashire
Louis Massy Hilton Son 12   Manchester, Lancashire
Maud Caddick Servant - Married 40 General Servant - Domestic Newport, Monmouthshire
Jane Hulme Servant - Widow 49 General Servant - Domestic Llandinam, Montgomeryshire

Peter is living at Pitses, as before, with their two sons, George and Jonah. Yet again Peter's age is wrong, although this time in the other direction. He would have been about 67 , not 72! What is ominous is that he describes himself as a "Widower", despite Maud being alive and well in St Annes.

1911 Census (2 April) Alt?.

Pitses near Oldham, Lancashire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Peter Caddick Head 72   Bilston, Staffordshire
George Caddick Son 13 Little Pieces Cotton Mill (Learner) Alt, Lancashire
Jonah Caddick Son 12 Scholar Alt, Lancashire

On the face of it this would suggest that the couple have gone their separate ways sometime after the birth of Jonah. 

Sadly George Caddick, their son, was killed during the First World War dying on the 21 March 1918 probably a casualty of the last ditch German spring offensive. He  is commemorated on the CWGC memorial at Arras - George Caddick 59072, 23rd (Tyneside Scottish) Bn., Northumberland Fusiliers who died on 21 March 1918 Age 20 Son of Peter Caddick, of 3, Pittses, Oldham.

Jonah married an Emmie Lee, daughter of John William and Sarah Lee, on 31 Aug 1929 at Leesfield,​ Prestwich,​ Lancashire (Ref: Ashton Vol 8d, Page 1978). There would seem to be no obvious records of any children born to the couple and sadly it seems likely Emma died in the Apr-Jun quarter of 1938 as there is an entry in the Death index for that year for an Emma Caddick, aged 39 - Ref: Ashton Vol 8d, page 806. It is possible that Jonah then went on to remarry as there is an entry in the Apr-Jun quarter of 1939 of the Marriage index of a Jonah Caddick marrying an Annie McDermott - Ref - Oldham Vol 8d Page 1876. This union may have produced a daughter Betty, as their is a record in the Birth index for a Betty Caddick recorded as born in 1940 in Oldham, Lancashire, with the mother's maiden name recorded as McDermott. 

I suspect that Peter Caddick himself died in on 18 November 1928 as there is an entry in the death index for that year of the death of a Peter Caddick aged 92 in Ashton - Ref: Ashton Vol 8d, Page 899 and an entry in the probate index for a "Peter Caddick of 3 Pitses, Glodwick, Oldham who died 18 November 1928. Probate Manchester 18 January to James Caddick, corn dealer's foreman, and  William Taylor operative painter Effects : 210 3s 5d."  Although the age given in the index is slightly over what Peter's age would actually have been, the probate entry and address would seem to confirm this is "our" Peter Caddick.

There is the death of a Maud Caddick, aged 66, recorded in the death index for the quarter Jul-Sep 1937 in Lancaster (Ref: Vol 8e Page 738) which may be "our" Maud.

NOTE 1 - Peter Caddick - Further details

Peter would seem to have been born 1843 the son of George Caddick (born 1809 Fullwoods End, Coseley), a miner and Jane Littlehales (born 1810). George and Jane had seven other children - George born 1833, Mary born 1836, David born 1839, Ruth born 1845, Noah born 1848, Jonah born 1850, and Lydia born 1855.

According to information on the web George was the son of  George and Hannah Caddick (born 1785 Sedgley), who lived in Coseley Lane/Fullwoods End. George was a labourer/greengrocer and he and Hannah had five other children - Elizabeth born 1816, Ann born 1825, Eleanor born 1828, Thomas born 1832, and born James born 1836.

The 1851 census records Peter, aged 8, was at the family home in Coseley along with his father and mother, George, aged 42, and Jane, aged 42, and his brothers and sisters George, aged 18, Mary aged 13, Ruth aged 6, Noah aged 3 and baby Jonah, aged 10 months.

The 1861 census records Peter, aged 19, at the home of his uncle James Caddick, aged 24, and James's wife Mary Ann (Noons?) in Coseley. 

Peter would seem to have moved north into Lancashire sometime after this census as the next records we have of him are of his marriage to Sarah Gregory in Salford in 1869 (Jul-Sep quarter 1869 - Salford 8d 17), followed by the record of the birth of their son Noah in 1871 (Jan-Mar quarter 1871 - Barton 8c 543), and the subsequent 1871 census which recorded Peter with his wife and son Noah in Swinton, Lancashire

1871 Census (3rd April) Swinton, Worsley RG10/3966 Folio 145 Book 8 Page 77

Pack Street, Swinton, Lancashire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Peter Cadick Head 26 Coal Miner Swinton, Lancashire
Sarah Cadick Wife 21   Swinton, Lancashire
Noah Cadick Son 3 months   Swinton, Lancashire

It would seem that Sarah passed away sometime between 1871 and 1881 as for the 1881 census Peter and Noah were recorded as boarders in the household of William Gregory (Sarah's brother?), with Peter recorded as a widower. The name is also spelt Chadwick. This is probably because Peter was almost certainly illiterate and the name Chadwick would seem to have been common in this area and Caddick not. I guess the numerator wrote down what he thought was the name he heard. This misspelling comes and goes throughout these Caddick records and I have spelt the name as contained in the record referred to.

1881 Census (4th April) Oldham RG11/4083 Book 27 Page 43-44

71 Roundthorn Road, Leesfield, Oldham

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Robert Gregory Head 37 Collier Swinton, Lancashire
Mary Gregory Wife 37 Collier's wife Buckley, Flintshire
Jesse Gregory Son 17 Collier's son Pendlebury, Lancashire
William Gregory Son 15 Cotton Operative Pendlebury, Lancashire
Elizabeth Ann Gregory Daughter 11 Scholar Swinton, Lancashire
Margaret Gregory Daughter 10 Scholar Swinton, Lancashire
Robert Gregory Son 4 Scholar Swinton, Lancashire
Ada Gregory Daughter 3 Scholar Oldham, Lancashire
Edward Gregory Son 6 months   Swinton, Lancashire
Richard Phoenix Father in law 59 Labourer Cheshire
Elizabeth Phoenix Mother in law 61   Buckley, Flintshire
Thomas Phoenix Son 25 Collier Buckley, Flintshire
Peter Chadwick Boarder (widower) 38 Collier Staffordshire
Noah Chadwick Boarder 10 Collier Swinton, Lancashire
John Smith Boarder 27 Collier Dundee, Scotland
Peter Cain Boarder 23 Collier Manchester, Lancashire

The year after this census Peter would seem to have remarried in 1882 as in the marriage indexes for Oldham there is a record of the marriage of a Peter Chadwick to Sarah J. Madden (Oct-Dec 1882 - Oldham 8d 1014). Sadly five years later in the death indexes of Ashton under Lyne there is a record of the death of a Noah Caddick, aged 16, in 1887 that would suggest that Peter's son by his first wife died as a juvenile. However also in the within the birth indexes for same district there are records of the births of two sons to Peter and his new wife-  Jonathon in 1887 (Apr-Jun 1887 quarter - Ashton 8d 457) and Albert in 1889 (Jan-Mar quarter 1889 - Ashton 8d 439). For he census of 1891 we find Peter, Sarah and their two sons living in Pitses, Alt, Ashton under Lyne, with Peter now working as a Labourer in the bleachfields. His age is about 5 or 6 years out, as it should be about 47 or 48, but his place of birth is correct.

1891 Census (6th April) Ashton Under Lyne RG12/3273 Book 3 Page 14-15

Pitses, Alt, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Peter Chaddwick Head 42 Labourer - Bleachworks Staffordshire
Sarah Chaddwick Wife 30   Wrexham
Jonathan Chaddwick Son 4   Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire
Albert Chaddwick Son 2   Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire

Sadly it would seem that the two boys were to die within a year of this census as there is a record in the death indexes for Ashton under Lyne district for the Jan-Mar quarter of 1892 of the deaths of an Albert Caddick aged 2 and a Jonathon Caddick aged 4. The fact that the deaths are separated by only one page suggests that the boys may have died within days of each other (Albert - Ashton 8d 356 and Albert - Ashton 8d 356). Worse would seem to have followed as the self same indexes for the following quarter have an entry for the death of a Sarah Jane Chadwick aged 33 recorded (Apr-Jun 1892 - Ashton 8d 344). This would seem almost certainly to be the death of Peter's wife, and would fit with his third marriage to "our" Maud Dyer in 1897 with himself identified as a widow.