Thoughts on the birth of James Buller and possible connection to the family of Henry Redvers Buller.

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As of yet I have been unable to find a record of the birth of James Buller. From his census records he would appear to have been born circa 1793 in Wellington, Somerset. Ann Golledge his ggg granddaughter informed me that it was said in the family that when Sarah Dyer, James’s daughter, was living with her daughter Mary and her daughter’s husband Albert Kelson in Glebe Street, Newport, she had with her a chest belonging to Sir General Redvers Buller (Ladysmith, Boer war). It was claimed that he was her cousin, as was a General Dyer of Armistar (India1923).

Sadly Sarah Buller and Henry Redvers Buller being cousins would on the face of it seem unlikely as both their fathers were called James, and were therefore unlikely to be brothers. Also their fathers lived lifestyles at the opposite ends of the spectrum. For the 1851 census Henry Redvers Buller's father James Wentworth Buller was living with a household of 20 servants in Downes, Crediton, whilst Sarah Buller's father James Buller was living in Burgage, Willington, recorded as a "pauper". One would also wonder why Sarah would have Henry Redvers Buller’s trunk when Henry was still alive and kicking when Sarah was living with her daughter and family.

BUT for the census of 1881 there were only 180 Bullers in the whole of the south-west which suggests that the possibilty of a link between the two families sometime but more than a few generations back is not unlikely.

ANOTHER ANGLE which would seem at least possible is that Sarah Buller's father James Buller was actually an illegitimate son of James Wentworth Buller's father. This would in fact make the two Jameses half brothers and Sarah and Redvers cousins! I have not as yet discovered a record of the birth of James Buller, Sarah Buller's father, although from his census record we can say he was born circa 1793 in Wellington, Somerset. (Approx 30 miles from Downes, Crediton).

HOWEVER there is also the possiblity that the story is a bit of a flight of fancy taking the fact that Sarah's father was a soldier called James Buller and Henry Redvers Buller was a soldier with a father called James!