Transcribed letters from T. Morris Chester to Annie Dyer.

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Transcribed letter from T. Morris Chester to Annie Dyer - 28 Dec 1873.


Attorney and Counsellor at Law,

POST OFFICE BOX 2386 124 Carondelet Street. (up-stairs.)

New Orleans, La.,………………..Dec 28 1873

Dear Annie,

I wrote to you some ten days ago and now send you a bill of exchange for twenty five shillings and request you to send me a pair of gloves, I enclose twenty five shillings in this note in the form of a bill of exchange and would earnestly request that you would send me another pair of gloves. Eight and a half is my size, suite yourself as to colour. Do not entrust any one else to purchase them for you but select them yourself, and then I assume they will suite. It is now over a year since I had a photo of Marie (Minnie), I would like one to see how she looks now. Does she grow much, I would like to have you and Marie (Minnie) on the same catre-de-suite.

I have been expecting a letter from you for some time. I generally receive your letters on Sunday, and as this is the Sabbath your expected letter may be put in my hand by a friend who brings mail from the office on Sunday and from whom I receive it in the afternoon, Christmas has been rather dull, I hope yours has +++++ +++++. If you had been here with Marie (Minnie) I think I should have enjoyed it. May you have a happy new year. How did Marie (Minnie) spend the Christmas and did she understand anything about it. If I had thought of it in time I would have sent you some money to have bought her a Christmas present. I am happy to say I feel in good health, but I am very weak, I do not feel my weakness unless I attempt to exert some strength. Write me soon, tell me all about Marie (Minnie) and yourself and don’t forget the gloves. ++++ ++ ++++.

Yours Morris.

Transcribed Letter T. Morris Chester to Annie Dyer - 1 Apr 1874


Attorney and Counsellor at Law,

POST OFFICE BOX 2386 124 Carondelet Street. (up-stairs.)

New Orleans, La.,………………..April 1st 1874

My Dear Annie,

Your welcome letter of the 22nd of February was duly received, enclosing a pair of gloves for which accept my sincere thanks. I enclose you a bill of exchange on London for twenty five shillings and I would request that you would send me in your next letter, another pair of good gloves of any colour which you may select, don’t forget the size, eight and a half. I am sorry to hear that you and your family have been suffering so much during the past winter as to prevent you going to town to have Minnie’s picture taken. I have been looking for it for some time and in every letter or paper I receive I expect to find it. I hope I shall not have to look much longer in time for it. Take good care of Minnie and do not expose her in any way to the fevers which seem to be prevailing in your midst. I love her very dearly and if anything were to happen, then it would be a great affliction. I am glad to know that Minnie is growing so interesting, I always read with the greatest interest anything concerning her sayings and doings, even the scribbling of Minnie has a charm which I highly appreciate. Ask her if she loves her papa, tell her, her papa loves her and is anxious to see her. Who does she look like? I foresee she looks more like you than me, I look forward with much pleasure next year when I may have the opportunity of passing some time in the society of you and her, ask her if she is willing to leave you and come to America to see me, my health continues to be very good this has been a very mild winter and already summer has come to stay, I do not think I shall go north this summer. It becomes rather unhealthy. I am not sure that told you I received a valentine from our dear Minnie. With many hugs for you and her and also an abundance of love, I remain

Yours sincerely